June 23, 2012

Review: The Boo Hag by David Morgan

Title: The Boo Hag

Author: David Morgan

Source: ebook from author for review

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He kept me laughing the entire interview.

Lenny Petrakas is worried about her skin. Not the way you're thinking. Not like that at all. While most people spend time concerned about dirt and elasticity, temperature and moisture, Lenny has a more pressing problem. Something is after her. Something evil that won't stop until it has peeled every last inch of skin from the teen's body. And then, it may end her misery quickly, or it may dump her body in the woods. Let infection and dehydration run its course.

Lenny is just your normal sixteen-year-old girl. Was. Was just your normal sixteen-year-old girl. Quiet and polite. Petite. Introspective, but not to the point of isolation. Loyal? Fiercely so. Outstanding? Noteworthy? Different? No, no, and no. Or so she thought. What started as an eerie feeling, a certainty that someone had been in her room while she slept, has spiraled into something far worse. Something was in her room. Something that finds her highly different, extremely noteworthy, and intensely outstanding.

Game over? Wrong. Lenny's a fighter, and she isn't about to lie down and take what's coming to her. Enlisting the help of her best friend, a not-so-secret admirer, the hottest guy in school, one odious cheerleader, and a paranormalist teacher, Lenny is facing her fears head on, in a battle she knows can only end in death.

My take...
All it takes is a feeling…a single thought…to awaken you from a sleep so deep, to know that something is not right. Lenny knows this all too well. Lenny, who quite possibly may be the cleanest teenager to walk the face of the earth, wakes up in the middle of the night and realizes that someone has been in her room. What she finds in her room the next night makes the boogie monster look like a fairy princess. With the help of her best friend, her best friend’s secret crush, and one of her teachers who believes in the supernatural, she is determined to be rid of the monster once and for all. But when the plan goes wrong Lenny must even fight harder to end the Boo Hag and get back to normal. Hopefully the bunch will make it through it all alive.

Ok, I know what you're thinking after reading the first paragraph of the blurb...gross! Absolutely, that’s what lured me in. I wanted to read something creepy. But David, may call you David? Well you sir did an amazing job with this story. In the beginning my nerves started winding and winding as the anticipation was building. It was creeptastic. I love a book that can keep you on edge the entire story. There was always a sense of no one is safe or to be trusted. Never before hearing of Boo Hag I had to go do some research. Wikipedia is a fount of info. *shudders*

So I really liked Lenny’s character. Not sure I totally could relate to her when I was a teen. I wasn’t as OCD then as I am now. But I think I could have been friends with her. Brian, yeah didn’t like him. Not at all. There were times I thought ‘ok, he can be a really nice guy’ only to be a total douche in the next breathe. I think dude has alone issues, I really do. Katie was a fun character that had me laughing at her and with her. Girl is so stuck on her self it was funny. But she also has some funny, witty remarks. But she is one of those people you love to hate. 

So David…I think you have yourself a winner. Loved it! You brought the idea of   something sinister and scary and made it into a book. But dude...what is up with that cryptic/cliff hanger/leaving you dumbfounded/ending you gave us? And how long must we wait for book 2?? 

The Boo Hag is a great read for anyone looking for a good creepy read.

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