July 1, 2012

Review: Afterlife by Megg Jensen

Title: Afterlife

Author: Megg Jensen

Source: ebook from author for review

The fire inside Lianne threatened to consume her, but she fought back and won. Unfortunately the collateral damage of her decisions won’t stop haunting her. She embarks on a secret trip to find Mags and return her son, but her search leads her into another nest of lies.

Everyone’s safety is in Lianne’s hands as the Malborn, an enemy more fearsome than her own people, looms over them. Will Lianne be able to unravel the secrets in time to save the ones she loves the most? Or will her lack of faith in her own decisions lead to disaster?

Afterlife weaves some of the favorite characters from the Cloud Prophet Trilogy (Anathema, Oubliette, and Severed) into The Swarm Trilogy as Lianne comes face-to-face with a character introduced at the end of Severed.

Please keep in mind this review might contain spoilers for Sleepers if you have not read it yet. 

My take...
Lianne and Bryden are leaving the comforts of the castle and their people to go off in search for Mags. Ever since their people, the Fithians, took control over the Dalagans, Lianne and Bryden have felt used. Now Lianne wants to deliver Mags’ son to her and hopefully start over somewhere else with Bryden. Not long into the journey they are confronted by men who take Lianne to Mags but send Bryden back to the castle. Lianne vows to find her way back to him so they can finally be together without all the chaos. But things happen and Lianne soon learns more about herself and the powers she holds deep inside her. Powers that others are seeking from her to use and destroy other countries. With this new knowledge Lianne starts questioning some past decisions and her future as well. Does she really love Bryden…what does she have that the Malborn’s want…and can she truly trust anyone?

I am so in love with this world that Megg has invented and imagined. Her words make this a truly magical place that I can picture so easily in my mind while reading. The way Megg writes is so clear and vivid it’s as if you are watching it all unfold on a tv screen. I will say that I believe that Afterlife was better than Sleepers…and I loved Sleepers. Oh and I loved that Eloh (The Initiate, Cloud Prophet novella) got mentioned in the story. Makes me glad I read it already.

In Afterlife we get introduced to a couple new characters; one being Chase. I will say that I was truly taken with Chase from the very beginning. Yes, even while Bryden was standing right there I knew I would fall hard for him and I did. A few old characters will make their presence known in the book as well. A few I wish I could slap around a bit and make gone.

Magic, romance, forbidden feelings, broken friendships…all of it is wrapped up into a fantastic quick read. Once you get done with Afterlife you will be wishing that The Sundering was already out. 

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