July 22, 2012

Review: Love Evolution by Michelle Mankin

Title: Love Evolution

Author: Michelle Mankin

Source: ebook from author for review

Nineteen year old Avery Jones can play the guitar as well as any guy. Better Even.

Brutal Strength, one of the biggest bands around, needs a new lead guitarist.

Seems like the perfect fit, except for one big problem. Temperamental lead singer Marcus Anthony won't allow a woman in his band.

Read Love Evolution, a rock 'n roll adaptation of Shakespeare's Twelfth Night.

My take...
At nineteen years of age Avery has had her fair share of hurt and loss. She just lost her twin brother and now has to pay up mob man Campanella her brother's debt. How is that going to happen without a job and no music contract now that her brother, the other member of their band, is dead? But hope steps up in the form of a Rock-n-Roll legend, Marcus Anthony. Only thing is he doesn’t want a female in the group. So Avery and her manager Trevor work out a plan, one involving a Justin Bieber haircut and men’s boots. And the plan is working for the time being. No one is on to their little con. But what happens when Avery starts falling for Marcus? Will she be able to continue on with the farce or will it crumble around her like a stack of cards? And most of all, will Marcus be able to forgive her?

This book was so super, duper cute! It reminded me of that 80’s movie JUST ONE OF THE GUYS. Yeppers, I just showed my age. I just flew through it and loved it so very much. I adore a good book that gives us a bit of intrigue, even though we know it is going to have a happy ending. Fans of rock-n-roll and romantic comedies will fall for this sweet, page turning read. It kept my interest the whole time and had me wanting to pull my phone out just to read more of it.

Michelle gave us a great character in Avery…a girl who has been put through the ringer lately. She was given just a bit of time to mourn her twin brother’s death but was quickly thrown into a hectic adventure. For someone who has been though what she has, she is one tough chicky. Sure she is hurting but she does what she has to do to pull through and make it. Marcus on the other hand is not what he seems. Fans see the side they want to see, but deep down and in private he is actually a great guy who has been through quite a lot too.

Seeing Avery fall for Marcus and Marcus questioning his strange growing feelings towards Avery…it was priceless. I was easily hooked, but it’s hard not to be with Michelle’s great writing and fun storyline. I truly look forward to reading more of Michelle’s work and hope you will give Love Evolution a try. 

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  1. Oh my goodness! I heart u x infinity- luv that u mentioned the Bieber thing.