August 29, 2012

I Read Indie nominated for Promo Queen at The Bloggy Awards

First of all I must say THANK YOU! Just to be nominated is a honor. I wish you all could know how much I truly love my blog; how much time I devote to it. And to be nominated for Promo Queen means that someone out there thought enough to put my name in the running. And again I say Thank you!!
Secondly, I am always trying to help get the word out on Indie Authors and by doing so I do reviews, reveals, and even my Top10 interviews. If ever you need something posted my blog is open to you. 

Thirdly, could you pretty please go vote. If not for me, maybe one of the other awesome blogs nominated. It means the world to us bloggers that you care enough to take a couple minutes to vote. It lets us know we are appreciated. 

To vote for Promo Queen/King where I am nominated go HERE

To see the other catagories go HERE

See what Shelly Crane wrote on my behalf...

So, to say a little something about my favorite blogger won't be hard.

She was the first blogger to review me over a year ago. She's always been there for anything I needed posted or revealed. Whenever I have a book come out, she's the first to read it and I fret about whether or not she likes the books as the series continues because in my mind, she's on the pedestal for all the bloggers that I use. Anytime someone says something about an awesome blogger or needing someone to review their books, I always think of Mandy first.

And it's not just me. This chick is practically EVERYONE'S favorite blogger. She's sweet, she's professional and quick. She's truthful, honest, and generous of her time. She posts something on her blog every day to review or promote someone, even if there's nothing to gain from it. I've moseyed over to her blog a few times and seen posts for things for me that I didn't even realize she had posted! She's always got at least one giveaway going at any time and there's no jumping through hoops to enter the giveaways like on some blogs. She makes it simple and genuinely just wants to get the word out about good books.

Bloggers don't have it easy like everyone thinks. All that time reading and writing the reviews and posts and getting tours and things ready takes SO much time. I'm grateful to Mandy that even when I hand her something last minute, she always takes the time to throw something together. If I ever meet her in person, a tackle-hug will be involved. I have no doubt that all the good words she put out for me have helped me tremendously.

This chick rocks. This chick is sugar sweet. This chick is the example of what all bloggers should be like. This chick is the Promo Queen.
—Shelly Crane


  1. This is a super well deserved nomination and I hope you win, Mandy! Shelly's endorsement of you made me kind of tear up, not gonna lie. Whatever happens with the voting, you'll always be my number one blog for awesome, fun, positive and interesting indie reviews, interviews, cover reveals and all kinds of whatev! I have my own little blog, and I know how hard it is to keep it up the way you do! Thanks for all your hard work and efforts on behalf of the community of indie writers and readers!

  2. It did bring a tear or two to my eyes when I read it the first time....I think the world of that lady!