August 10, 2012

Mini Review: Caribbean Romance by Leigh Morano

Title: Caribbean Romance

Author: Leigh Morano

Source: ebook sent by author for review

Welcome to the adventure of Vanessa and Marcelo and find out where the romance will lead. Will they find happiness from a chat room? The odds are against it but dreams can come true. Read on and find out for yourself.

My mini take...
Caribbean Romance is a short story that follows Vanessa and Marcelo as they discover a romance between each other; a romance that was stumbled upon on the internet. Whether the romance is a fling or actual true love is yet to be determined. Vanessa must take a risk and learn to trust Marcelo if she ever can fully love him. But Marcelo is hiding some pretty dark secrets…and once he reveals them will it turn Vanessa away forever? Or will it bring them closer together?

Caribbean Romance was a pretty good, short read. Aside from a few grammar mistakes, I enjoyed the story. In fact, I almost laid the story aside because I couldn’t fathom a story about a creepy guy lurking on the internet stalking a poor, helpless woman. (I actually had a creeper last week on facebook, so I didn’t want to read about one.) But as the story continued I found I was sorely mistaken. This guy was no creeper…he was anything but.

Take a cruise with Vanessa and Marcelo as they overcome trust issues, seek out true love and overcome obstacles while sailing the ocean blue. And prepare for some heated romance along the way too…cause things get steamy. 

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  1. Great commentary...thanks for sharing! - Dr. Glen Hepker