August 1, 2012

Review: Blood of Fire by Wenona Hulsey

Title: Blood of Fire

Author: Wenona Hulsey

Source: ebook from author for review

Adult series

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Turning her back on everyone she loves, Nicole leaves Alabama to face the man who has made her life hell from the day he forced her powers to surface. She will face evil and end the war that has been brewing for centuries…or that's what she hopes will happen as the final story of the Blood Burden Series plays out. New characters, steamy romance, lives lost and an ancient war. Is it in your blood?

**My review will contain spoilers for the previous 2 books of the series. So please do not read if you are not caught up.**
My take...
Nicole is jumping on a plane and doing something completely foolish...she is going looking for Loch in Ireland. She wants to stop him once and for all. To do so she must go after him...alone! Leaving her dad, Luke, and all those she loves; she feels this is the best possible solution. She can't risk losing her family and friends to this building war between the Fae and the Warriors. But will she realize too late that going alone might be the stupidest thing she has ever done? Or will she find help from a mysterious man she meets on the plane?

I went back to see when I last read Burden of Blood and it was exactly one year ago. I had forgotten how much I missed these great characters. Nicole is about as snarky as they come and I just adore her. She doesn't take crap off anyone and she is not afraid to tell you off...or punch you! The girl is a kick butt, take names later kinda girl. She is fierce and loyal to her loved ones through and through.

This is such a wonderful, action packed series...and Blood of Fire did not disappoint in the action and suspense department. And it reminded me of my love for fairies. We also get introduced to even more characters in this one. Some you will love, some you will hate, and some will have you pulling your hair out while deciding if you love them or not. Yes Slade, I am referring to you. I hate that I love you at times because it gets me all confused inside my head. I seriously think Wenona couldn’t make up her mind if he was to be a likable character or if she wanted us all to hate him.

Loved the way the book ended and who Nicole chose in the end. A great and a little tearful ending to a wonderful series. Blood of Fire is a must read!

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