September 18, 2012

FanFic 5 with Author Eternally Edward's Girl

Today I have another fellow Twi friend on the blog for Fan Fic 5. 
Love Through Another's Eyes
by Eternally Edward's Girl 

And I love that I spy Jasper (Jackson) in the banner.

What got you into writing fanfic?

I've always been an avid reader and I did a bit of writing in high school. When I was introduced to the wonderful world of fanfiction I realized it was possible for average yet passionate people to write, get a lot of exposure and more importantly to receive feedback.
My story is loosely based on actual events in my personal life and after a lot of contemplation I thought it would translate well into a Twilight fanfiction story. It then became a need to write, and a way to heal. Writing is my method of therapy.

What are some of your favorite books and/or authors?
My taste in books has evolved over the years. I used to be largely into the romance and mystery/suspense genres, but lately I'm all about fantasy, science fiction and erotica.
The Twilight Saga will always be my favorite book series, and as far as a favorite authors? Right now I'd have to say Ally Condie and Veronica Roth.

Do you go by an outline? Or is this something you play by ear?
After speaking to other fanfiction writers I tried to start with a basic outline but it never stuck. Once I actually started writing, the story basically wrote itself and has changed along the way. A lot of my original ideas for the plot have changed as well. I had to listen to what the characters were saying and just go with it.
What is your dream cast for your fanfic?
Well, it will sound cliche, but since I'm writing a Twilight fanfiction I have always envisioned all of the original cast members from the movies. At the very least, Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are a must!

Give us a blurb for your story...
Love Through Another's Eyes
by Eternally Edward's Girl 
Summary: Edward Masen has lived a life based on love, commitment and respect. Enter Kate Denali who plays by her own rules. Will a brief encounter in a bakery change Edward's path, leading him to the happily ever after he desires?

My name Is Edward Anthony Masen. I'm no one really. I'm merely a thirty-four year old man who has lived, loved and who now is dying.
There, I've said it.
Bella keeps telling me I have to say it out loud to believe it. Hell, I believed it the day they told me. I think I always knew. I just can't admit that to her.

Link to my story:


  1. Great interview :) Fanfic is great for everyone to write - be it people who just want to write a story based on some characters, or for people who would like to write books but don't know where to start. The setting and characters are there, so that's half battle!

  2. Fantastic and I am currently reading this story. Judy is a very talented woman !!