September 7, 2012

NEW Breaking Dawn Part 2 Trailer


  1. Um, wow. They have a fight! I was wondering how they were going to do that in a film since the book end was going to be anticlimactic, especially for a film. I really love the last couple seconds where it looks like he grabs Bella's arm and swings her into the bad guys for a kick.

    1. yeah someone was saying that they do fight. but I sure as heck don't remember that part. but that part where he swings her around is pretty bad a$$. my fav part of the trailer.

  2. Meh, not pleased at all. The finale was more a fight of minds and will. For whatever reason the screenwriter and apparently with SM's blessing, changed the ending. BD2 is the worst in adaptation of all the movies, none were really done very well. Entertaining of course, but poorly adapted from the books. Just not a fan of a movie changing the story at all. Less of a fan of the writers who allow it as it just screams cha ching to me.