October 7, 2012

New Covers for the Cornerstone Series {& Give@way Opportunity}

So not long ago I posted some covers that Misty was thinking about for her Cornerstone series. After she held a little poll on her blog she decided against them. But finally, FINALLY, she decided on some covers that kept a little bit of the original and add a little bit of new. 

Cornerstone is my fav!
Let me know what you think. And in the meantime Misty is going to hold a little giveaway for those who want to help spread the word of the new covers.

Winner will get this awesome bracelet. 
Well not this one. This one is mine. And I love it. But you get one just like it. 

Go go HERE and you can get all the details!


  1. LOVE the bracelet! Thanks for posting the giveaway info!

    ~New Follower~

  2. They are both quite compelling, but I have to say Number 1 grabs me more. There is so much going on with number two that I will spend the whole book trying to figure out what each piece means. Then I won't get to enjoy the book.