October 23, 2012

Release Day: Building From Ashes by Elizabeth Hunter

I had the opportunity to read an eARC of Building From Ashes and let me tell you folks...you are gonna love it. Want to read my review? Go HERE.
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Here is a little excerpt from the book....

So, you’re going to be in the Garda, are you?”
She shrugged. “Maybe Irish police. Maybe something international. Always wanted to travel.”
“You have?” From what he’d remembered Ioan telling him, the girl had trouble leaving the house to attend the village school.
She curled her lip. “Yeah. I have.”
“Well, good luck.”
“Thanks. Are we done talking now?”
He pointed to her pint. “Drink up. It won’t bite.”
“Unlike some things at the table.”
He laughed. “Well, that’s true, I suppose.” 
Brigid rolled her eyes again, and Carwyn wondered if there was some sort of human medical procedure to keep her from repeating the annoying gesture.
“You really don’t have to do this.”
“Check up on me for them. I’m fine, Father.”
For some inexplicable reason, Brigid calling him “Father” annoyed him. Perhaps because she said it with such clear disdain. He lowered his glass and leaned across the table. “Look here, Brigid Connor. Get rid of the attitude.” He reached out and wrapped a hand around her tiny wrist, but softened it when he felt the flinch. He rubbed one thumb over her knuckles. “You and I both know that I could make you tell me anything I wanted if I used my amnis. I’m trying to be pleasant. I’m trying to do a favor for Ioan and Deirdre and your Aunt Sinead, who I happen to like more than most humans. So why don’t you—“
He broke off when the door opened and a gust of wind blew in. The cool air slid into the room and slipped over Brigid’s neck, drifting to his keen nose. His eyes narrowed, and his grip on her wrist tightened slightly. The fangs grew long in his mouth and his heart began to pound.
What the hell?

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