October 4, 2012

Review: Immortal Grave by Nichole Chase

Title: Immortal Grave

Author: Nichole Chase

Source: ebook from author for review

Please do not read my review if you have not read the first 2 books in the series. 

FOR MATURE YA AUDIENCES. This novel contains violence and sexual situations.

While darklings ransack the city, Ree and her friends will learn the depth of the gods' manipulations. Unsure of who is really on their side, Ree must accept her destiny and assume the role of leader. The stakes are higher than they've ever been. Death is waiting for them in every shadowy corner. People will die, love will be tested, and the fate of the world will be decided--one way or the other.

No more running.

No more hiding.

The final battle is here.

The conclusion of the Dark Betrayal Trilogy.

My take...
Ree has sent her parents on the run for their own safety, she & her friends are training, and now she must finish this war once and for all. Thankfully with a little help from her friends maybe, just maybe they will fight and win. But first she demands some help from the Gods if she stands any chance of winning. And demands are something the Gods don't take lightly. Will standing up to the Greek Gods prove costly? Will Ree be able to save the world and get her man? And if so, which guy will she choose? Everything gets answered in the final book of this phenomenal series.

Whoa! Like really, whoa! This book was sensational in every aspect. I mean Nichole obviously is a fantastic writer and it shows in her work. The characters she gives us are beyond cool and a little awesome in the fighting department. Who wouldn't want to be a descendant of ancient Greek gods? Another thing that is great about the characters is they actually grow and develop through the series. Ree has came so far since the first time we meet her in Mortal Obligation. 

I thought I would be overcome with grief now that the series is over. But after reading Immortal Grave and seeing how wonderful it was and how great it ended…I was actually ok. Yeah I am still a little sad but Nichole gave us all closure with the series and a fabulous ending; an ending that I thought was absolute greatness. And with all the action that takes place…this book is perfect for guys just as much as it is for the gals.

I encourage you to take up this series if you haven’t already and partake in its fabulousness. Nichole Chase is a talent to be reckoned with; and I promise you will get addicted to her kickin’ characters and enticing story lines.