October 28, 2012

Zompacolypse H0P Give@way!!

Paranormal Wastelands

Run for your lives the Zompacolypse is here. 
Wait? Run? I am actually looking forward to when zombies take over. I got mad skillz I would like to use to take a few of those bad boys out.
Right? Anyone? Bueller? 

Ok so I thought I would name a few of my favorite Zombie books...
Warm Bodies (Um, hell to the yeah. Only like my most favorite book ever. And did I mention I got a signed copy? Did I mention I will be giving it away? I didn't? Well cause I ain't. Sorry I have to hang on to that one.)

My next fav is Taking on the Dead by Annie Walls. (Freakin A that book rocked! And yes I might be giving it away.)

Taste by Kate Evangelista (OH WHOA! This book was amazing. Such a great take on Zombies. & yes I will be giving this away too as a choice)

Ok wanna know how you can win an ebook of one of these fab books?
Fill out the form...and if you spread word via facebook, twitter, etc...you get an extra point.

giveaway is over

Then go check out the rest of the Hop....

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