November 26, 2012

HALE MAREE Blog Tour {Mercy Excerpt & Give@ways}

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Today I have an excerpt from Misty's soon to be released book, MERCY. MERCY will be out Dec 8th!!

The boy with the golden rod voice will know what happened tomorrow.  He'll know because his aluminum dinghy will come up missing.
Then I will.
Then the city will find the boat and put the boy under its magnifying glass.  He'll be suspect.
And finally, my body will find its way back to the surface and gossip in the autopsy notes.
But the best parts will be left out, of course.  An autopsy can't explain how the boy inhaled my breath and left me breathless, how his hand on my thigh would make me forget everything except who we were, together, when I laid down beside him.  It won't say how I counted imaginary wisps of hair and nicknamed the thing that never was.  Those empty lines between the facts are the why, and only the boy knows those.
And I doubt he will ever tell.

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