November 5, 2012

Review: FLUTTER by Melissa Andrea

Title: Flutter

Author: Melissa Andrea

Source: ebook for review



Sara's life is forever changed -
Waking up, buried & hidden deeply in the last place anyone would want to be, will do that. She is determined to find out how she ended up there & why, but when the only person who can help her, continuously lies to her, she finds herself forced to suffer alone. She can't ignore the strange things that begin to happen to her nor can she hide from the nightmares that haunt her sleep. And when her world collides with Adan - the mysterious boy whom she can't seem to stay away from, literally - she is consumed by the familiar flutter that sparks whenever he is around and she is desperate to discover the reason why.
But the biggest discovery will come from the secret of what she is…


Adan’s mission to find Sara has finally approached -
It seemed simple: bring her back to the enchanted world that lives, breathes and survives because of her, but he quickly finds himself faced with an entirely new challenge. Immediately, Adan realizes that staying unknown to Sara is a task he will fail before even attempting. The pull to her is far too strong to refuse, and being with her will defy the very reason he existed. He was the key to her survival and loving her was not part of the plan that he had been born to follow. Can he find it in himself too resist the urge to be with her and follow through with their destiny or will he destroy everything that had been left to Sara to protect and defend -
And the kingdom she is unaware she rules…


As Sara and Adan struggle to overcome their own separate battles -
There is a far more determined evil that is stalking the shadows and waiting to annihilate them both.
Sara will figure out that not everything is what it seems and knowing what she can and can not trust will be the key to finding out the truth to what happened to her, the reason why she had been buried alive and who she really is…
Sara and Adan will discover the hidden meaning to why she was the reason he existed and why he would be the reason she survived & together they will fight to change the rules and rewrite their fate.

Discover the Meaning,
Discover the Secret,

My take...
I was introduced to Flutter about a year or so ago when I read the first chapter or 2 for Andrea while she was writing it. Fast-forward to present day time and the whole book is done and available for sale.

The book started off fairly strong and I just loved how it opened. We meet Sara, Adan and Andres…each giving us their take in the beginning. I love the chemistry between Sara and Adan, it is definitely undeniable. They really clicked and you can’t help but smile when they are together and interacting.

Then came the middle-ish part of the book. After Sara is back home there was quite a lull for me in the book. And in my opinion, Flutter, had a little too much unnecessary detail to it. In fact, I thought it would have been better to cut out some of the fat making it a bit shorter book. One other thing was how Sara kept things to herself and did not confide in someone about all the crazy going on in her life. Yeah, I understand she was scared she would get more ‘I’m sorrys’ from everyone with no explanations.  But really, the things she kept from her uncle was sort of out there and needed to be told. This made her not a very likable character for me. 

But then we get to the ending of the book and that is where it got good…like really good. Things start getting revealed, lives are thrown off balance, dreams become real life…shiz got real! The supernatural aspect is beyond different from anything I have read. I won’t say all it entails but it’s good and it’s different and I need to know what the future holds for these fantabulous characters. Like my sweet, dear Adan for instance. Gosh I just adored the flip out of him.

**Also I will note that I found A LOT of grammar issues with the book. Lots of misspelled words or words that were not edited out that should have been. I even think the one I read was an updated version. So hopefully Andrea will go back through again and edit it once more.

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  1. Wow, great review! Book sounds interesting, but with flaws. Too bad this author didn't hire an editor. I've heard that it's well worth the money in the Indie world. Thanks for sharing! I still may check this one out:)