November 23, 2012

Review: Mortal Touch by Inanna Arthen

Title: Mortal Touch 

Author: Inanna Arthen

Source: ebook from author for review

Seven years ago, Regan Calloway learned a bitter lesson about the pitfalls of using psychic ability to help catch a vicious criminal. Since retreating to the small mill town of Sheridan, Massachusetts, she has focused her life on the second-hand store that she manages there. But she can't completely escape her reputation, her past, or her powers of perception. When a psychologist, Dr. Hiram Clauson, recruits Regan to help him interview victims in a series of bizarre assaults around Sheridan, Regan gains more knowledge than she counted on. Her investigation attracts the attention of Jonathan Vaughn, a writer who has recently moved to Sheridan. Many locals are curious about Jonathan's mysterious book project and his interest in a crumbling old former commune outside of town, but no one is more intrigued than Regan's best friend and confidante, Veronica Standish. When Veronica begs Regan to help her find out more about Jonathan's past, she unwittingly sets up a collision that has a shattering effect on all of their lives. Jonathan Vaughn is older and more unusual than anyone realizes: one of the tiny and scattered network of men and women known as vampires only to the very few whom they trust. Jonathan never anticipates the cascading series of disasters that will ensue when he decides to trust Regan with his secret. Along with Veronica, and a curious young friend, Sean, Regan plunges headlong into a new reality, one in which death is temporary, love is everlasting and blood is an elixir. As her friendships and loyalties are torn apart, and former associates turn into ruthless enemies, Regan must learn what can be relinquished, and what is worth protecting at any cost. Ultimately, she confronts choices that she never dreamed she would have to make.

My take...
Ok, here is the deal. I liked Mortal Touch pretty well with the mystery and all the crazy that happened. Well I did until the last half of the book. It seemed like the last part of the book every single thing was explained to death and that about ruined the book for me. I lost interest and found myself skipping over paragraphs. Conversations lasted way longer than necessary. It seemed the author was trying too hard to cover all her bases so no questions would rise up from the reader later on. But really…does the reader need to hear of a story of someone’s youth to justify how they got the sprinklers to go off in a restaurant?

The book was a little long for me too (400 plus pages). Mortal Touch easily could have been 2 books with all the plots running through the story. Sometimes I would forget about certain plots only to be reminded of them later on. I was ‘oh yeah, I forgot about you’. And of course more explaining would commence.

And my last fault I found was the relationship between Jonathan and Regan. I didn’t connect with them and everything about them seemed, well it seemed eh. Just when I thought the author was going to bring them to a level of being more personal…it went flat. The romance was ok, but almost nonexistent. And I understand that maybe the author wanted it to be more of a mystery read instead of a romance. But if that is the case…just leave the romance out altogether. I felt no spark for them. Nada.

So there you have it. I recommend this story to anyone who enjoys vampires and a good mystery. And you know what they say…no one reads the same book.

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