November 15, 2012

Why Indie's Rock Blog Tour {gif edition}

Indie's Rock...

Indie Authors are humble...

And they are grateful when you buy their books...

They always say thank you for taking time to read their books...

Even though I don't get paid to do reviews they are the...

They give us the BEST fictional boyfriends EVA!

Indie Authors have class...

How I feel when I start one of their books...

How I feel when I end one of their books...
but soon I am all like...

When I hear they have a new book coming out I am all like...

And if there is a HUGE twist to it...

Sometimes they mention me in their books and at first I am like this....
then it turns to this...
but then I am like this...

I have met some amazing friends thanks to Indie Authors. And sometimes I wish I could...

With all could you not love Indie Authors??

I stalk adore them...

This had absolutely nothing to do with the post but lordy I love this gif...


  1. Perfect way to start my day. Seriously. You rock my socks, lady!

  2. That might be why you read Indie, Mandy, but YOU are why I write and will continue to write as an Indie!! <3 you girl!!!!

  3. This is awesome... I feel exactly the same way!

  4. I LOVE this post! What a great addition to the tour! Indie readers ROCK! It's people like you that make me want to keep writing. READ ON!

    1. I hope there never comes a day I don't want to stop reading :))

  5. I think you should write a book! I would so love to
    read it :)

  6. awesome post! us indie authors appreciate it:)
    Andrea Heltsley

  7. Thank you for reading Indie =) great GIF blog

    I hope you will read a book of mine someday

    *thanks for noticing meee*



  8. I love this post! Very creative and gave me a good laugh after my long work day! Now off to write! Indies ROCK!

  9. Mandy you're awesome! This was very well timed for me--thanks for loving Indies!

  10. Awesome Post!!! Had me laughing to the very end. I needed that. Thank you!

  11. Did you know I have this post bookmarked? Yes, I do. <3 it! :)

    1. is it bad I still come back to look at it? lol