December 5, 2012

A Must Read Interview with Author Shelly Crane

Today I want to welcome the amazing, talented Shelly Crane to my blog. She has graciously taken time to do a short interview for me. And after reading you will see why she is my favorite author out there...and always will be.

You've probably been asked this a thousand and one times...but humor me. What inspired you to write Significance?
Well I had read tons of tons of tons of books. I thought that reading a book about someone who bonds with someone else just by touching them would be awesome. I never found such a story so I decided to write it.

 So Significance is going to the big screen. How does it feel knowing one of your books is being made into a movie?
Like I'm dreaming. Like one day I'm going to get an email that says, "Ha, ha. Got you good. You actually thought we were making a movie…" J It's all a little crazy. I'm a very private, laid back and normal person. I do not like the spotlight or to be the center of attention in any way shape or form, so I'm not sure how that aspect of this whole thing will work! J But I'm ready for it.

You once answered in my Top 10 with you that you collect movie stubs. Will you frame your first Significance stub kinda like store owners do with their 1st dollar made?
Absolutely. I'm a saver. I save the strangest things. I'm sure I'll wind up having a whole wall of movie memorabilia before it's over.
 You do know there is a show for people like you, yeah, it's called Hoarders.
"On the next episodes of Hoarders we catch up with Shelly Crane...literally buried in stubs."

You write good (by no means am I saying you're a prude) clean romance...but have you ever had an inkling to write something a little more risqué?
Nah…there's plenty of that out there ;) It's really hard to find a really, sweet romantic book that doesn’t have explicit sex in it. I read for the love story, plain and simple. And I want to read something that's focused on the love between two people and the plot line is the back story. So you always run across one extreme or the other. Either the story line winds up eating the romance and sweetness or the romance is just based on sex. And that's totally fine. I enjoy those books, too, but my favorites are the ones that are sexy, but innocent. Bone melting, but achingly sweet. That's what I strive for in my books.
Good answer, keep doing what you are doing. If it ain't broke don't try to fix it.

Out of this whole writing and book-soon-to-become-a-movie experience...what valuable lesson have you taken from it all?
Don't publish a book if you don't want your life to change in almost every aspect. It's been SUCH a blessing, and I've met so many great people. But my life is absolutely nothing like it was two years ago.

Any stalker moments you care to share?
Ha! Um…I've run across a few zealous folks. I've had a lady show up at my house once, just to say hi. That was pretty scary. I had someone I knew when I was a kid who started emailing me after she found out about the movie. No joke, over twenty Facebook messages a day filled with "I love you" and "Let me send you some poetry" and other inappropriate things. Also scary. There have been a few people that have tried to get me to say which theater when I say I'm seeing a movie, or what hotel I'm at when I go to a book signing because they want to 'meet up' with me.
Whoa! And here I always joke with you about being your #1 stalker. So what did you do when Hootie just showed up at your door? Hopefully a restraining order right? HA! I kid, I kid. Hootie is a great gal! 

Last but certainly not least, share with us lowly people what you have coming up next?
You are not lowly by any standard! You were my first blogger and I'll stalk you to the ends of the internet. As for what's next, after Independence is Wide Awake, a book about a girl who wakes up from a coma and remembers nothing. I am very, very excited about it. Most of my new book ideas are contemporary and I'm kind of ready to make the transition. I had to write some of it for a chapter swap I did with Lila Felix and I've got to say, Mason, my guy in Wide Awake, may rival Caleb in the hotness department. Want a taste?

        I woke to movement. I opened my eyes once more to find my bed being leaned down to lie flat. Mason smiled down at me. "Finally," he complained. "I was about to get the hose."
          I squinted at him. "Are you joking?"
          "I am totally joking." He grinned wider. "You're gonna stay funny for me, right? I'm all about the sarcasm."
          "I'll try my hardest," I said as sarcastically as I could manage.
          "Yes!" he said and pumped his fist. "Finally! Someone who can keep up with my witty repertoire."

A special thank you from Shelly to all you fans out there...

I just want to take a second to thank you all; fans, bloggers and fellow Indie authors who are some of the best people I know. You know the massive love I have for you. It's not a secret, but I fear that I don't say it enough. I love to hear from you. You guys are the reason I do this and the reason that I CAN do this. I'm eternally grateful. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

You can go creepin' on Shelly's social network pages...but keep it classy people ;)

Shelly Crane Speaks


  1. Love Shelly! Can't wait to see her this weekend!

  2. This is an amazing interview! Thanks, Mandy :) I am so excited for her movie. I have actually never read any of her novels *shame face*, but they are on my TBR. Gonna have to move her up the list now! And I am very inspired by her explanation of why she doesn't include a lot of explicit sex in her novels. I have nothing against romance novels, and I enjoy reading them from time to time, but it's always the innocent part of the love that gets to me. I love how she said "bone melting, but achingly sweet", those are my favorite also, and the kind I love to write. I'm not sure where my road will take me (though I'm leaning toward self-publishing just because it sounds way more fun, and I'd have full control over my stories), but I don't plan on changing the way I write. I've been told that the industry is looking for sexed up material, calling today's book world the "Post Shades of Grey" world, and I think that's sad. Not everyone wants to read that stuff. There will always be a place for both :)

    1. I enjoy an adult read every now and then. But I am not a fan of books that is solely sex driven and no story. plus this is one of the very reasons I feel in love with Shelly's books. And yeah I loved how she said "bone melting, but achingly sweet" too. Perfect saying about her books. All of them.

  3. HEY! I Didn't go to Shelly Crane, Shelly Crane came to ME! AND FYI I was waaaaay to sedated to do anything creepy until i almost peed on her leg and then later that night when I made her buy me nachos lol!!! Great interview Mandy and thanks for the shoutout :) I miss you!!!!! xoxox 2/1/2013 BABY

    1. lordy lady you are something else ;)miss you too!!! #WARMBODIES

  4. Love the interview and Shelly!

  5. I LOVE you, Mandy! Seriously. Thank you for having me!! You always ask the best questions. And you just might find me under the movie stubs. It's very possible :)