January 9, 2013

Fan Fic 5 with blueeyedcherry

Today I have a dear friend on the blog. I got to meet her a couple times at some conventions based on a book nobody has probably heard of...Twilight...ring a bell? She writes fanfic and I have been itchin to get her over here to answer a few questions. 

What got you into writing fanfic? I started writing fanfic back in 2009. A friend of mine was writing a Twilight fanfic story, and I thought to myself 'How awesome would it be if I could do something like that?' A few days later a plot bunny sprung up and I ran with it. That plot bunny became my first WIP, Endless Night. Once I posted that fic (which wasn't until the fall of 2011), a second plot bunny came out of left field, and eventually turned into my second WIP, Hot Commodity. Once I got started posting I just couldn't stop! 

What are some of your favorite books and/or authors? I love everything by Nicholas Sparks. His stories don't always have a happily ever after, and that's what I love the most. Life isn't always filled with sunshine and rainbows, and I don't like for every story I read to end with one either. (That probably explains why my favorite fanfic genre is angst!) Lilly (more commonly known as The Girl in Times Square) by Paullina Simons, The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald, A Cast of Thousands by Steve Shagan, The Twilight series, and the Caster Chronicle series (aka the Beautiful Creatures books) are among my faves as well.

Do you go by an outline? Or is this something you play by ear? I've outlined some of the later chapters in Hot Commodity so I keep the story moving in the right direction, but other than that I pretty much just play by ear. I have a notebook for each story where I keep key information and details, but that's the only real planning device I use, and that isn't even for planning, it's just to keep continuity. 

What is your dream cast for your fanfic? Oh my gosh... dream cast as in if my fanfic were a movie? Hmm. I'll just use Hot Commodity for this question. I've never really envisioned anyone outside of the Twilight cast when writing, mostly because I'm writing Twilight fanfiction. I think the only difference I'd make would be using Zooey Deschanel or Mila Kunis as my Bella. I've always envisioned one of those two filling that role.

Give us a blurb for your story... A blurb? Hot Commodity is the longest WIP I have currently, and probably the one that more people would recognize if you lined them all up in a row and read the titles off. That being said, the story is a comedy in my eyes, with a bit of romance, friendship, and of course some angst mixed in along the way. Edward is a tad on the arrogant side, Bella is strong and independent, and the secondary characters provide plenty of humor (Mike) and fluffy moments (Rose and Alice). The story starts with a bet and grows from there, both in plot and the nature and strength of character relationships. There's a few characters who are working toward redemption along the way, and a few others who might push readers' buttons. Essentially I'm telling a tale of two people whose past experiences leave them leery of love, but who just might hold the key to lead one another straight to it. I never make the road for my characters too easy, and I don't want  to give away much here, so just expect some laughs, aww moments, a tear jerker or two, and a few scenes that may provoke frustration.


Hot Commodity can be found here: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/7358208/1/Hot-Commodity

My penname in the fanfic community is blueeyedcherry, and I can be found here: http://www.fanfiction.net/~blueeyedcherry or on my blog http://www.blueeyedcherryfanfiction.com

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