January 19, 2013

Review: SEEDS OF WAR by Rachel E. Fisher


Author: Rachel E. Fisher

Source: ebook from author

Seeds of War is the second book in the Eden's root trilogy.

The mission of Eden must be fulfilled and Eden’s best Seekers are needed. Forming a new group they dub the Seeders, Fi, Asher, and Sean are joined by a new addition as they set out to bring hope and support to the Topsiders in the form of radios and heirloom seeds. Their experiences Topside prepare them for the threat from marauding gangs they call Lobos, but it is a different, less obvious sort of threat that takes them by surprise. As radio broadcasts begin to reconnect Eden and the Topsiders, the Seeders stumble upon mysterious broadcasts from unknown stations. When two of their own new radio stations go silent within days of each other, Fi and her companions realize that something is terribly wrong. Eden finds itself pitted against a growing and unknown force as their very mission lights the flames of war.

My take...
Several years after taking off in search of EDEN, Fi and her Family are finally safe in the underground home. They made it after losing loved ones and having to take the lives of those who wanted to cause them harm. Fi and her Family are still in danger when having to go topside but it is nothing like when they were on their own. For once, since the horrific famine started, they can believe of a future worth living for.
Soon EDEN wants to help others by giving them hopes of a future and a chance at starting over. Topsiders are given radios and other means that will help them with this restart. Things are going great at first, but when a new 'voice' starts spilling lies the group has to figure out a way to calm the chaos.

Gee whiz!! I just adored the flip out of SEEDS OF WAR. I was absolutely sucked in from the beginning. Fisher did a great job giving the reader an awesome story. I think what helped me enjoy this one more was the fact it was a bit more shorter than book one, EDEN’S ROOT, and it flowed better too. The pace was spot on and I had a hard time putting it down. Then came the ending! Well, it wasn’t really the ending. My nook was being a turkey and had it ending before it was really supposed to. I was thinking that Fisher was leaving us with a really cryptic cliffhanger. But after I took the book off my nook and re downloaded it…all was well and I was able to actually finish the book like the author intended. (That is another strike against the ol’ nook.) But oh what a real ending it was.

But before every great ending comes the meat of the book. You know the guts of the story, that part between getting sucked in and spitted out? Even though the ending will leave you breathless and worried for the group…it’s the middle that got me. So much happens in this one. Everything that happened topside had me on my on the edge of my seat for fear of something going wrong. And boy did some things go wrong. 
Everything that happened between Fi and Asher had me swooning and weak in the knees. I mean, goodness…these 2 are amazing together. And everything spoken by the ‘voice’ had me cringing. Some of the things he was spouting did not sit well with me. Yep, so much happens in this one I don’t know where to start or what to tell without giving stuff away.  I will say that I was smitten with Sean and Sara. Though not everything is cotton candy and sunshine for them, I enjoyed getting that closer look in to their lives.

I am one of those people that get so enamored by anything and everything post-apocalyptic. But Fisher brought up some very good things…things that we take for granted every day. Oh dear, I really hope I never have to think about those things. I cringe at the idea of the items I would have to go without.

All in all I was very happy with the story, the characters, how it all went down. So thankful I didn’t just take my nook’s word for and think that was the end, because I would have missed out on quite a bit of goodness and one stellar ending. So with my conclusion I leave you with one final thought…READ THIS SERIES. That is all.

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