March 22, 2013

A Mermaid's Curse Blog Tour {Interview & Give@way}

We learn in INSATIABLE: A MERMAID’S CURSE that your father is, well an ass. What was it like growing up with him?

*Grins* Wow.  You go straight for the tough topics, don’t you?  Growing up with him was hell, but I can’t complain too much.  I didn’t have it as bad as Blake did.  

I will admit I hated you in the beginning, but I think you were holding up walls so we readers don't see the real you. Care to enlighten us to the real Owen? Are you really a jerk just out for himself? Or is there a sweeter you hiding deep down inside?

Hate in such a strong word. *Winks*I guess it really depends on my mood. I can be sweet if I want something out of it, which would in turn make me a jerk… Yeah… we’ll go with me being a jerk. 

Ok, enough of the heavy. Lets have some fun. You walk into your apartment and something stinks? What would be the obvious cause? Or are you a neat freak?

I’m a neat freak.

You helped Arianna go from fins to feet. What is something you'd want to be if given the chance?

I would want a certain type of knowledge.  Knowledge is power, and power can get you anywhere.

Arianna and Blake are obviously smitten with each other...what is it you look for in a girl?

I’m just looking for a girl who wants to have a good time, with no strings attached.

What is your guilty pleasure?

Hmm… sex?

What is your pet peeve?
Women who lie about not wanting a commitment because they have this crazy idea that they will change you once they get close to you.

Arianna always felt like she didn’t belong in the world where she was born.  Ever since she was little, she used to hide behind the rocks in the sea, and watch the human family who spent their summers on that island.  Over the years, there was nothing she wished more than to be like them, especially so she could get close to Blake, the human boy who she saw turn into a troubled teenager and then, an unhappy man.

Once her dad grew tired of her dreams and hopes for a reality that is not her own, Arianna is thrown into an arranged marriage, and her only way out of it is to make a deal with the power-hungry man who will give her everything that she has ever dreamed of.  Dreams that turn into nightmares as she watches Blake’s world fall apart, because of her and Blake’s inability to control their desires for one another.

Daniele Lanzarotta is the author of paranormal/fantasy novels, including the Imprinted Souls Series, Academy of the Fallen, and A Mermaid’s Curse. She has a bachelor's in business and finance and a MBA. With only a few semesters left in school, Daniele started writing as a hobby, but it didn't take long for her to be consumed by her stories. That is her passion, and she now has several projects under way.

She enjoys reading and writing young adult novels with just about any sort of paranormal or supernatural bent...vampires... ghosts... She also enjoys watching hockey, playing rock band, guitar hero and spending time with the family.

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