March 25, 2013

Cover Love: BEARY TALES by Jennifer Malone Wright, K.B. Miller & Willow Cross

Once upon a time, something wicked was woven. A magic formed by darkness and pain, a magic that only the victim of a broken heart could have created.
The death of her one true love has forced Goldalynn to use dark magic. Determined to bring him back she discovers she must acquire the pelts of three bears under the light of the blue moon to fulfill the spell.
The blue moon has risen and the three bears are caged, awaiting the fate of Goldalynn’s deadly spell. But, their cries for help were heard across the magical realms and their Fairy God Uncle has been called. A collision of spells, magic dark and light create a curse, a curse that turns the bears fur into soft skin and their paws into delicate arms and legs… a curse that turns them human.
The girls are now the charges of their Fairy God Uncle until they no longer need him. Not knowing what to call them, he gives them the most important part of their human identities … their names, Katya, Nita, and Leilanni. With his help, these three bears in human bodies journey through the lands of modern fairy tales trying to find a way to break the curse.
This dark fairy tale is not the book your mother read you when tucking you in at night, you won’t find a fairy tale princess who needs a rescue, but there might be a prince or three in this world. Find out as Beary Tales takes you on a magically twisted adventure.

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