March 27, 2013

DOWN N' DERBY Sneak Peek & Meet Maddox!

A Teaser from Down ‘N’ Derby the third installment in the Love & Skate Series by Lila Felix

POV: Reed

Thanks for that,” I said and got her hot pink zebra print coffee cup down from the cabinet.  She took it and filled her cup and added enough sugar and cream for a village.
       “Did he tell you what he bought,” I asked her.
       She looked at me like I was a rotten egg, “Who?”
       “Didn’t Falcon call you and tell you to come over here?” I inquired.
       “No, I just wanted to see your mug.” She pointed to the coffee cup and then to my face. “Get it, mug? Anyway why am I supposed to come over here?”
       I rolled my eyes at her joke, “He bought us something.”
       “Oh, I love Falcon presents.” She grinned ear to ear.
       “Not nearly as much as I do,” I sang back to her.
       The door opened and in came Falcon carrying two huge crate like cages.  One was pink with black polka dots and one was bright orange. He set them both on the ground and went back outside without a word.  He came back with bags and bags from the local pet store. Nellie crouched behind me and whispered, “I see pet care products.  I’m scared.” 
       “No shit—I swear if he brings a ferret in this house, his ass is grass and I’m the lawn mower.” She and I backed up in a synchronized motion.
       “No, no, no, he knows how we feel about rodents.  There’s no way.”
       Just then Falcon came back in holding two identical cardboard boxes with handles at the top where the sides met.
       “Oh my God, he got us fried chicken.” Nellie screamed and I snorted—they did look like fried chicken boxes.
       Falcon laughed and beckoned us towards him with a wave of the hand.
       “Oh hell no, I’m not coming near you until you tell us what’s in the chicken boxes.  You can forget it.”  I knew he wouldn’t bring us rats or hamsters so I wanted to go see but Nellie had a death grip on my arms.
       “It’s two boys that want to see you.” He smiled.

DOWN N' DERBY's expected release is May 1st. Is it May 1st yet?
for your drooling er, I mean viewing Maddox


  1. I love it. Can't wait for this book!

  2. Awesome. Can't hardly wait to see what you got to tell us about Falcon, in the last book you left me thinking OMG!!! Is is May 01, yet?

  3. YAY!! Love this post!! Thanks Mandy!!! Loves ya!