April 13, 2013

Olivia Eden Publishing

What we want to do is to keep writing brave. I remember reading about
Ferlinghetti's desire to 'await the rebirth of wonder' and that phrase has
been a lifted banner in my heart ever since. Growing up writing since
I was eight, the constant struggle was being unable to merge with the
majority of presses or publications that were focused on putting out 
work that would sale and not so much desire for work that was new
or different. What our goal with Oliva Eden Publishing is to print
books that we believe in, by authors we also believe in. We want to
create a nurturing home for art that has been unable to unite with
the preexisting tributaries within the writing world. Instead of writing
for the reader, we want poets and authors who write for the writing and
the purity of the story itself, and are willing to spend our time and money
working beside them for that dream. This is our first year and we are 
planning to release at least 7 books by December.

Mikl Paul lives on the central coast of California and is Co-Creator of Olivia Eden Publishing. He enjoys listening to things and watching how they move. He currently has one book of poems available. 

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