May 18, 2013

Review: PERPETUAL by Michaela Debelius


Author: Michaela Debelius

Source: ebook from author for review

“Some people say they don’t care. I actually mean it.”

Mercy Green didn’t become this way overnight. Centuries of monotonous life have left her jaded and detached. Humans weren’t meant to live forever. But then again, she isn’t human. Adam is though, and his purity baffles her. How can he remain unpolluted in a world tarnished by corruption? It doesn’t matter. Her time in Birchwood Creek is coming to an end and she must prepare to relocate. That is, until she inexplicably wakes up in a pool of her own blood. The answer seems simple enough: leave immediately. But when an attempt is made on Adam’s life, a failed murder she inadvertently caused, she feels obligated to stay and protect him.

But then she’s attacked again.

And Adam begins to ask questions.

Victim to an unseen stalker, Mercy’s forced to seek help from Nick, an immortal teenager whose sudden appearance suspiciously coincides with her plunge into chaos. With her structured life unraveling and revelation of her immortality looming, Mercy must accept the truth: she’s being hunted. But why?

…And she thought immortality was boring.

My take...
Admittedly, I wasn’t always this disagreeable. There was a time I was just as energetic and exuberant as any other girl on the cusp of adulthood. Immortality has made me this way. Maybe if I felt there was salvation, or at the very least an end to the suffering, maybe then I wouldn’t feel so hardened, so exhausted, so despondent. But as generations of people blur together, each one more selfish than the last, I no longer hold hope for…well, anything.
So here is the deal. I am reading along thinking this is just an ok book. Until I realize that is actually is pretty darn good. While reading 2 books at once (something I never do) I would find myself wondering back to this one and what the characters were doing. Will Mercy have to leave town as Adam's suspicions grow as well as the increasing interest from the police? Were they any closer to finding who is causing all their troubles?
So yeah, this book was pretty good. Not sure I could say I totally related to Mercy's character. I mean, she is after all several hundred years old and has no compassion for others of her kind or even humans. She has seen too much to know that people are only out for themselves. Throughout time she has learned to block people out and stay hidden. After all, she will eventually have to pull up and head out before anyone starts to question her unaging body.
After many mistakes and numerous flees in the middle of the night, I came to understand three things: my previous life was over, absolutely and completely; I had to move every year or so to avoid suspicion  and immortals are nasty, nasty individuals. 
I did enjoy the relationship between Mercy and Nick. They were hilarious together and their banter was that of 2 siblings squabbling. I love how she kept him at arm’s length at first but soon she slowly realized she needed him more and more as the story progressed. It is a great relationship, although there was nothing romantic at all between them. Of course, not for lack of trying on Nick's part. But even so, I think he knew there never would be and just enjoyed riling Mercy up from time to time.
No, the romance came in the form of Adam. He was the first person that Mercy has ever cared anything for since she was turned. Even though she knows she should leave town before he comes wise to her lifestyle, she can’t. She has this inner need to see he is protected, at all cost. Her feelings for him are strong and in the end it could change everything. Just wait, you’ll see then you will understand.
Great story that was full of mystery and suspense, PERPETUAL, is sure to keep you on your toes and guessing the entire time. And the fact that it is a totally different take on immortality is an added plus. Readers who love supernatural reads will sure enjoy this one and its uniqueness. I know I look forward to more of this series.

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