June 28, 2013

Review: FOREVER TOO FAR by Abbi Glines


Author: Abbi Glines

Source: bought ebook at B&N

Rush promised her forever... but promises can be broken.

Torn between his love for his family and his love for Blaire, Rush has to find a way to save one without losing the other. In the end one has to be more important. Letting go isn’t easy.

Blaire believed in her fairytale... but no one can live in a fantasy.

Her love for Rush and desire to have a family keep her believing that they can find a way for this to work. Until she has to make the right decision for her and the baby. Even if it breaks her heart.

Can they find the forever that they both want or has it all just gone... too far?

My take...
I am glad we got more Rush and Blaire, but I wasn't entirely sold on this one. I loved the first two books in the series (FALLEN TOO FAR and NEVER TOO FAR) but this one was just good compared to them. Did it stop me from staying up until nearly 3 am to soak up every ounce I could? Nope. I inhaled it until I couldn't keep my eyes open any longer. So don't get me wrong...I still loved this one...just slightly less than the other 2.
I think what I didn't like was bits of Grant and Harlow's story being told. I know it was setting up for their own book, this I am almost sure of, but I just felt it took away from Blaire and Rush. Like maybe there wasn't enough of their story...so, hey, let's add some other people. Plus I haven't read Woods' and Della's story and hearing about their relationship made me feel like I was cheating myself of their full story. I am guessing I should have read that first. *Shrugs* Oh well. Too late now.
I had fears that Nan and Rush's other effed up family members would finally come between  him and Blaire. There was a time in the book that I thought we would see their unwanted ending. It was almost too much. But thankfully Glines knew what she was doing and gave us their happily ever after. Only Glines made them work for it and put us readers through the emotions getting them there.
In the end, I still am crazy about this series as well as all of her other books. I could never get enough of them. Whether it be Blaire and Rush, Low and Marcus, or Dank and Pagan…Glines has a way of bringing me into the stories with just a couple words. I am lost to them after chapter one and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I gladly recommend any of her books. Just pick your poison: YA Paranomral or NA Romance. Glines has a book that is just perfect for you.


  1. Oowww! Such a steamy cover! I've actually never heard of this series before, but it does sound quite interesting! Hehe and I TOTALLY know that feeling of staying up 'til the wee hours of the morning just to finish the book :) (I NEVER regret it, though :P) Great review!
    Shae @ Understanding Shae's Story

  2. So hooked on all the characters that Abbi writes about. Right now i'm more hooked on WOODS story.