June 1, 2013

Top 10 with Author Jen Greyson {LIGHTNING RIDER}

From the moment she decided on a degree in Equestrian Studies, Jen Greyson’s life has been one unscripted adventure after another. Leaving the cowboy state of Wyoming to train show horses in France, Switzerland, and Germany, she’s lived life without much of a plan, but always a book in her suitcase. Now a wife and mom to two young boys, she relies on her adventurous, passionate characters to be the risk- takers.

Jen also writes university courses and corporate training material when she’s not enjoying the wilds of the west via wakeboard or snowmobile.


A huge thanks to Mandy here at I read Indie for letting me come hang out for a bit and answer the Top 10.

1.fav song/singer? When I'm writing, it's Two Steps From Hell, but if I'm driving in the car it's Call Me Maybe by Carly Rae Jepsen (guilty pleasure)
2. fav season? Spring! I love seeing all the trees and flowers blooming. Rain and thunder is total bliss.
3. worst vacation? Is there such a thing?? Even the worst vacation is better than the best day working. We've had some pretty "adventurous" camping trips where nearly everything went wrong and we ended up with hundreds of dollars of repairs, but I'd still take them over a non-vacay day.
4. guilty pleasure? See Call Me Maybe above. Another one is totally the Vanilla Ice Project on the DIY Network.
5. fav book and/or author? Karen Marie Moning is my all-time, go-to author. I loved loved her Faefever series.
6. one item you cannot live without? A pen :)
7. hobby? Gardening. My darling husband built me a greenhouse last Spring (see why it's my favorite season?) and I've really been getting a kick out of making stuff grow in the middle of a snowstorm.
8. fav movie/actor/actress? I should probably say Chris Hemsworth, but it's Angelina Jolie, hand's down.
9. fav food? BACON.
10. who would you like to meet? (dead or alive?) Nikola Tesla. He was such an amazing, brilliant man. Truly an unrecognized genius.

You can find Jen here:

Heiress to a time-traveling dynasty, Evy Rivera is finally claiming her birthright as a lightning rider. Problem is, she’s forced to learn it alongside Constantine, a prickly, obstinate Roman warrior who constantly challenges her to be the woman he sees in her.

Thrown back into ancient Spain, Evy must rely on guts and instinct to wield her lightning as a weapon and outsmart Ilif, her quasi-mentor who believes time traveling should be left to the Rivera men.

During her training, Evy and Constantine battle the push-pull of their explosive relationship, aware the 2,000-year span between their lives is an unavoidable hurdle.

Caught between a centuries-old battle rife with secrets, Evy must learn whom to trust before she risks everything and the wrong history repeats itself. When the heritage her parents have suppressed mingles with the past, Evy must find answers . . .

Which history is the right one? And who is she becoming?


Available everywhere on May 31, 2013

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