July 17, 2013

MY GIRLFRIEND BITES Blog Tour {Guest Post, Excerpt & #Giveaway}

Sometimes the boy gets the werewolf.

Hi. My name is Aiden. Mandy and Doug told me to write a guest post on this blog. So yeah, this is it. But I don't know what to write about so I guess I'll say something about me first.
            I'm 16. I like girls. I like video games. I have a GameMaster. I know kids who love their Xbox or Playstation. But I like the GameMaster because the interface is better. And the graphics are way better too. And the controllers look cooler. Death and Valor 4 is my favorite game. Issy and I play it for hours. Oh...um...Issy is my wing-man. We call each other that because it sounds cool and we both like  that 80's movie Top Gun. Seriously, we watch it every time it comes on Dish or we pop in the DVD Issy bought for a dollar at his neighbor's garage sale. It was a sweet deal. Issy's family is from Pakistan and he's a Muslim. So if you hate Arabs you're stupid because Issy is awesome.
            What else is going on...I'm thinking.
            I kinda have a girlfriend. Bree is her name and no she's not crazy. Many kids at school think she's crazy because the girl acts weird. Okay, at first I thought she was weird. I mean, Bree would have her long hair covering her face most of the time as she walked in the halls at school. And she would grunt a lot and not talk to anyone except teachers. The rumor was that scientists in Northern Canada found a pre-historic teenage girl in the ice, took out some of her DNA, and cloned Cave Girl. But I never believed that. Why mess with cloning a teen when adults ignore the ones they already have, you know?
            I then found out about Cave Girl's – I mean, Bree's secret.
            She loves meat. It blows me away how much meat this girl packs in. She doesn't eat anything else. No salads or fruit or ice cream. Bree doesn't eat like a normal girl. I've seen her chow down on a triple-patty hamburger with no problem. And she's not fat at all. I'm mean, if you look under that hair she hides under, Bree is kinda cute.
            And she's nice too. I missed the bus one day and had to walk home when it was pouring down rain. Seriously, my clothes were soaked and my skin was cold and it sucked. It really sucked. But Bree pulled over and offered me a ride in her car. I couldn't believe it. A girl wanting to help a loser like me? It blew me away. Oh, and that car Bree has is vintage Detroit. Issy knows his cars and tells me it's a 1967 Oldsmobile 442. It's so old it doesn't have air bags. But it's so fast. Oh my God it's fast. Bree had it way over 90 on a two-lane road when she was trying to kill us. That's a long story.
            Don't know if she wants me to tell you this but Bree is a werewolf.
            Totally serious. I've seen her change and it's so weird. Like this-blows-me-away-so-much-I-don't-know-where-in-the-universe-I-am weird.
            I really had to get use to this because I liked Bree with soft skin and pretty legs. Then suddenly she has fangs with fury legs. Guess I didn't handle it as well as I should have. But that's another long story. So basically, Bree is my very first girlfriend and we has some issues to work out.
            I hope this enough words for a guest blog post because I don't know what else to write about.


            Aiden Jay

            Crap! Wait a second. Bree wanted everyone to know that she's made a play list on Spotify. Some of the songs are okay I guess. I told Bree she should make a play list of songs that have sounds of cool explosions in them because I know a few. But Bree thought that was stupid.


A wimpy 16-year-old boy wants to find a girlfriend. When he falls for the perfect one, she shifts into a werewolf and throws his life upside down.

After his "dream" girl rejects him, 16-year-old Aiden tries to commit suicide. Yet he mysteriously survives. Now he feels like a loser with zero possibility of  finding the perfect girlfriend. Enter Bree, the creepy girl with too much hair who's rumored to be cloned from a frozen prehistoric cave girl that scientists discovered in Canada. But when he accepts a ride from “Cave Girl” during a storm, Aiden discovers this weird girl not only has a kind heart. She's also cute.

Aiden offers to help Bree in Algebra and the two become friends. When Aiden pushes that friendship into a date, Bree accepts. On a romantic night at the zoo, Bree and Aiden fall in love as the animals watch. Unlike Aiden, they can smell what Bree really is.

Bree decides to tell him her deep, dark secret. Her family are werewolves hiding from the Demon Skins, a mysterious new enemy hunting down all the werewolf packs on earth. Aiden struggles with Bree's revelation, but chooses to stand by the girl he fell in love with. But standing by his new girlfriend will be the biggest test of his life.

Too bad Bree can't turn a coward into a fearless werewolf. That bite thing is only a myth.
This forces Aiden to do the unthinkable...believe in himself.

About the author:
Growing up in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Doug went to college at nearby Oklahoma State where he earned a Bachelor of Arts in Radio/TV/Film production and worked in local television for 20 years. Doug began writing screenplays in 1998 and became a 2001 semi-finalist in The Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences’ Nicholl Fellowships in Screenwriting. His script Father Figure was one of 129 scripts left from 5,489 entries. His tenth script, Rail Fan, became a quarter-finalist in 2009. Soon after, Doug made the switch to writing young adult novels in 2008. Skid, a young adult novel set in the world of Formula 1 racing, is his first.

Author Contact information

Wanna read an excerpt? Well here you go....

“Do you do that?” I ask.
            “Do I do what?”
            “Run around the forest in the middle of the night?”
            The hint of surprise on her face gets covered up quickly. “I didn’t say that. No, I’m saying that I understand why some people do. The hospital emergency rooms have busy nights on a full moon because people run around in the middle of the night and bump into things. That’s what I meant. I wasn’t talking about me at all.”
            “Okay, cool.”
            “I’m super serious. I just like the moon. That’s all.” Bree says, a weird nervousness coming from her that I haven’t seen before.
            “So you’re only a moon enthusiast and that’s all.”
            “Yes.” She giggles. “A moon enthusiast. I like that.”
            Bree gulps down some water from her glass
            “There’s a lot of suicides during a full moon.” The words roll off my tongue and I instantly tense up the moment my brain catches it. Suicides? Why did I bring that up? Now that doesn’t make me sound depressing to be around, does it?
            The table falls silent.
            My stomach burns. I’ve destroyed this date. Blew it up in my own face. Why do I keep saying stupid things? I should have printed some awesome one-liners I could say to girls and slip those into my pocket. I suck at improv.
            “Even the moon can’t cure everyone’s darkness,” Bree says, her eyes searching mine.
            Why is she looking at me like that? Does she suspect that I tried to — No way. How could Bree possibly know that?
            “I don’t believe in all that witches and wizards stuff. I think it’s a bunch of old superstitious crap made up by people to scare other people. And to sell them Halloween junk at grocery stores.”
Bree sips more water. “You don’t believe myths could be based on the truth?”
            “Nope. And I don’t believe in Bigfoot either.”
            Our waiter comes over. I order Fettuccine Alfredo and salad. Bree takes more time, scanning the menu as her mouth twitches to the side.
            “I’ll take the Veal Parmesan,” Bree says.
            “Our chef’s signature dish. Excellent choice,” The waiter says.
            “But I want it without the sauce and cheese on top.”
            “Breaded veal without the Parmesan?”
            “Yes. And what side dish comes with that?”
            “A side order of pasta marinara with our vegetable of the day.”
            Bree’s eyes wince. “I want meatballs instead.”
            “Side order of spaghetti and meatballs? We can do that.” The waiter writes it down.
            “No pasta. Only the meatballs. And can you leave off the veggies and just add more meatballs?”
            The waiter shoots me an unhappy look. I pretend to look out the window. The man rips off an order slip, crumples it up, and starts again. “I have a breaded veal without sauce or cheese with a double order of meatballs. What dressing would you like on your salad?”
            Bree bites her lip. “No dressing, but can you put an obscene amount of bacon bits on it?”
            “Bacon bits instead of dressing?” The waiter looks at Bree like she’s gone insane.
            “An obscene amount. Yes.”


  1. Really enjoyed both the excerpt & the guest post.

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  3. C.K. - Glad you enjoyed it! Bree was quite proud of the guest post when she showed me.

  4. I would be pretty wary at first until I knew he was safe