August 14, 2013

Say What? {Lets talk eReaders}

I know that pretty much any one and every one has an eReader or eReader app of some sort to read on now days. 

I also know that Amazon pretty much dominates in the eReader industry. 

Yet, there are still some of us that use a nook. I have had a nook ever since they came out with one of the very first ones.

I have problems with them, but thankfully have always had a warranty to replace them. (Don't get me started on how bad the nook simple touch with glowlight was.)
But even still, I absolutely adore my nook. Yes, I may have called it a few choice words every now and then, but it is still one of my most prized possessions. 

So my question today is...
What eReader are you fond of? What eReader do you despise? Do you even use an eReader? Which app do you use?

Ok, so that was more than one question. My bad. 

Spill it. Let it all out. Vent! Cry! Rejoice! I don't care. I just want to hear from you.


  1. I have 3 kindles and a nook. While I have nothing against my nook I prefer Kindle. The main reasons being the ease of use on Netgalley and the large number of ebooks exclusive to amazon, etc.

  2. I have the Kindle keyboard. With the exception of freezing on me one time, it has been very good to me. I love the ease of use, the selection of books and amazon and getting my books so fast. I believe those same features are probably on several devises. The one main thing that stands out for me is that when I am driving I can set my Kindle keyboard to read to me. It is a computer voice, it pronounces some words funny and is in no way an audiobook, but I with the text to speech option, I get to read another 40 minutes per day. I am a busy mom that works full time but LOVES reading. This little feature, although it takes some time to get used to the computer voice is why I love my Kindle keyboard the most.

    I did think about getting the very basic Kindle when it came out. $69 and so light and tiny, I was almost sold. I found out it did not have text to speech capabilities and never looked at it again.

  3. I own a kindle fire and one of the early kindle readers. Prefer the older one for its ease of use, readability and fourty hour charge. The fire, however, is wonderful for my grandchildren to use and has proven to be tough.

  4. I actually have a little bit of an obsession with ereaders, LOL. I have 3 Kindles and 2 Nooks :) I use my Kindle Fire mainly for email, watching video, some apps such as Words with Friends, etc, but most of my reading is done on the other Kindles because they are lighter and I can hold them for longer without my hands cramping or hurting. I have Nooks but since I was a Kindle girl first, I guess I am more used to it so use them more.

  5. I actually have one of each. I have a Nook Tablet that I got for Christmas almost 2 years ago, right when they had first come out. I fell in love with it. Then I learned I could modify it and be able to read Kindle books on it too via the Kindle app. Then I added the Kobo app. Recently, I received a Kindle Keyboard in a gift exchange. I love the e-ink for reading during the day. I now send all of my Netgalley acquisitions to the Kindle. They are both like my best friends an I couldn't live without either. The Kindle is used for all of the daytime reading because the e-ink is better during direct sunlight. The Nook Tablet gets used a lot at night when it is not quite bright enough to read the e-ink well. And then, of course, there are the print books that I get from publishers for review, too.

    Lisa @Just Another Rabid Reader