September 2, 2013

MY HAUNTING LOVE Blog Tour {Giveaway, Review, Excerpt}

Calista Rose is a sixteen year old deaf girl who senses something strange in her new home. Soon she meets a ghost named John and becomes smitten with his good looks and charming ways. Little does she know that falling in love with him brings out the true evil that lingers in her home.

John is holding a terrible family secret. His life was ended at the hands of his vengeful stepmother. The same woman who inflicted pain on his entire family. When Calista moves into his ancestral home she awakens something in him he never could have imagined. A chance at the love he never got to have.

But falling in love with Calista is anything but easy. Their love awakens not only John, but the evil lurking inside the house.

In her debut YA novel Jamie Sue Wilsoncroft takes us on an adventure of first love, repentance, and that all important quest to belong.

My 4 Star Review....

    Calista is moving far from her home and friends to a place that is unknown to her. What will she do without her book club and friends from school? You may think she can just make new friends but the thing is Calista is deaf. She is being uprooted from her school for the deaf and now has to attend public school. Calista is not looking forward to being ridiculed and made fun of. And on top of all that, strange things are happening to her at the new house. A ghost is trying to communicate with her. Yep, she is definitely ready for that straight jacket.

I love that the idea for this story came to the author one night while trying to tell a scary story to her children. Isn't that awesome? A few hours in and her daughter looks at her and says 'Mom, I think you’ve got yourself another book'. And when Wilsoncroft writes a story…I want to read it. I love all her books and jumped at the chance to review this one when asked. And I wasn’t sorry. Not one bit. Loved this storyline and the characters were just as great too.

MY HAUNTING LOVE is full of spine tingling suspense and even has a bit of romance. Not your usual romance but ghostly romance! And that is what makes this story different from a lot out there and fun to read. MY HAUNTING LOVE is a great YA read but I am almost positive any age (YA and older) will love it. Need a different paranormal romance? Then this one is for you.      

My legs shook as I stared up at him. This whole thing was surreal. I wanted to reach out and touch him, but my hands were glued to the side. He was beautiful, more beautiful than any human I had ever seen. I couldn’t hear him, but I could see he was laughing under his breath as his shoulders shook up and down. My mouth dropped in awe as he slowly raised his hands and began to sign.
     “ You aren’t scared are you?” He asked moving his hands gently. I realized I hadn’t breathed since the moment I felt the tap on my shoulder.
 “No,” I signed, slowly raising my hands. My legs shook as I stood not two inched from him….a ghost.
  He tilted his head back and laughed. “Can I help you paint?” He signed without hesitation.
    Flabbergasted, I blinked a few times. “Uh… yeah… sure if you want to,” I replied, staring at him in disbelief. His shoulders shook again as he laughed, enjoying my reaction. John had warned me ahead of time that he was going to show himself to me, but I wasn’t expecting this. It wasn’t because he was so beautiful and handsome, but because he was so human-like. Part of me was waiting for something scary or gory to face me, but he totally blew me away. This was nothing like any of those ghost movies or books I had read.

Jamie Sue Wilsoncroft. Lives in Pennsylvania with her hubby, two children and 3 dogs. She is a professional dog groomer by day and a writer by night. Writing romance novels is her specialty. While this is her first YA novel, Jamie is the author of several other contemporary and NA romance books. You can find her on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

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  1. Looks really good. Not many books with deaf mc.

  2. Love the post! Thank you so much for participating and the awesome review!!! <3 You are the best ~~~ Becca

  3. I don't think I could ever fall in love with a ghost unless I knew for sure there was a way for him to become corporeal at some point. But I'm looking forward to reading this to see how Calista and John turn out--sounds like they would make a sweet couple :-)

  4. This sounds like a good read! I have no idea about ever falling in love with a ghost but I do really love reading about them. :)

    Thanks for the review and the giveaway!

  5. Thanks everyone. Since I am partially deaf and love ghosts, writing My Haunting Love came easy for me and fun too. As for Calista and John, you can't help but fall in love with them. John is the sweet, loving boy next door who does everything in is power to protect the ones he loves. You may shed a tear or two, I know I did while writing it. LOL I can be a sobby sap sometimes. LOL Thanks for joining my first tour blog.

  6. Falling in love with a ghost is such a romantic notion. Dying to know in which form the evil presents itself.