September 18, 2013

Review: CROSSOVER by Mireille Chester


Author: Mireille Chester

Source: free from B&N

Life for Hayden Carlson had never been overly exciting and that was the way she liked it, so when she meets Jasper on a trail in the woods, it never occurs to her that life as she knows it is about to change.
Suddenly, Hayden crosses over to a world she never would have dreamed existed and a future she never would have believed possible. Along the way, she discovers an affinity for magic; her ability to dream of the future and the craft of healing. She meets many beings that become her friends and family, as well as others who will try to capture her for her powers.
Hayden must find a way to escape being captured, save the man she loves, and decide where she stands in the balance of good and evil.

My take...
When Hayden wonders into a different world, Jasper is sent to bring her to the Queen. Two strong forces are after Hayden and want to use her to defeat the other. But somewhere along the way, the rules get broken and things that have once been set in stone, since the beginning of time, get a bit blurred. Is Hayden the reason for all this change? Can two people from totally different worlds find love among the confusion? Will Hayden be able to return home? Will she want too? So much happens that you will want to stick around and seek out its answers.

I was so happy to read this book and to go back to the wonderful world that Chester created. I was first introduced to some of the characters in Chester's TYLER'S STORY. But CROSSOVER takes place long before that one and it is the start of something awesome.

I love, love, love the romance in this one. It was absolute goodness. From the moment that Hayden meets Jasper she feels something drawing her towards him. And she is having quite the hard time resisting him. Hayden learns that the people in this world are fated to each other through dreams. Jasper has been dreaming of her for a while now but Hayden has never dreamt of him. So what harm could come from a little flirting? You'd actually be surprised.

"More than anything in this world or the one you just came from," he whispered. "That's how much I love you."

I am so looking forward to what is in store for these fabulous characters and the future that is ahead of them. I am sure there is bound to be problems but the romance that Chester dishes out is sure to make up for it. Definitely a great read I recommend to any and all who are a fan of NA paranormal reads. 

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