September 8, 2013

SEEKING HAVOK by Lila Felix {Brand New Teaser}

The ‘thanks’ did nothing to soften the blow. She shut me down every chance she got. And something in me needed to press further, while she was so outspoken, we might as well get everything out.
“So why’d you hide me in the alley before?”
She took a long drag of humid summer air, “Look, when I was a kid, I beat up the other girls over toys. I’m not good at sharing.”
She was so obtuse about everything, I always felt the need to clarify. “So, you want me all to yourself.” I took a step towards her, somehow hoping the physical proximity would help with the precipice between us.
And just when I expected another smartass quip, she dropped her defenses and gave me truth.
“Yes, for once I want something to myself. I want something that’s mine and no one else’s. I don’t want to explain us to anyone. I don’t want to talk about you to anyone because—I’m afraid they’d steal you away."

Est. Release Date: Sept 30th

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