October 20, 2013

Early Review: LAST CALL by Michele G. Miller


Author: Michele G. Miller

Source: eARC from author for review

Expected Release Date: Oct 21, 2013


“You are cordially invited…”

Four words that spark the fear of God into any gently bred, single southern woman.

When Savannah Guthry receives an invitation to her cousin’s wedding back home in Charleston, South Carolina, her first thoughts aren’t of flowers and dresses. Instead, she's reminded of the groom: her first love and the reason she ended up at a college 500 miles away from home.

Determined to show up and dazzle not only her ex but her spoiled cousin too, Savannah allows her friends to set her up on a series of dates looking for Mr. Right.

Wrapped up in her memories of the past and the drama of her new romances, Savannah doesn’t see the dangerous threat to her life coming…

She might not land her Prince Charming before her Last Call.

**This book is a New Adult Romantic Suspense. It is intended for mature (17+) audiences due to sexual situations and mild language.

My take...

The past always finds a way to come back and haunt you. Unfortunately for Savannah, it comes in the form of a wedding invitation. So not only does she have to go to the wedding and see her spoiled cousin marry her ex, but she has to do so dateless. Sara and Candace, being the good friends they are, set Savannah up on some dates to try and find her Mr. Right. While most of them are complete losers, one good thing does come out of it all. She gets to see the cute Aussie bartender every night.

You've read a story like this before right? A girl trying to find a guy to pose as her sweet, adoring boyfriend while effortlessly trying to make an ex jealous? Yeah I have too. But that isn’t this book. No ma'am (or sir). This book has more to it. There is suspense that moves in half way into the book. Threats are made and some pretty fishy suspects catch the reader’s eye. Maybe even the delicious male lead, Gage, is suspect? Yeah I will be honest...he was with me too. But, I am not going to say if I was right or not. Oh no! That is for the reader to find out all on their own.

Hot romance, fantastic suspense that sneaks up on you, and a storyline that captivates the reader from the start...LAST CALL is an awesome NA read that is sure to be a hit! Plus, when Miller ends the book with ‘The End-For Now’…yeah, I am hoping for more. And I am sure you will want more, too!

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