October 22, 2013

Top 10 with Author Roberta J. Gordon #Arkansas Author Spotlight

Hi!  I'm Roberta J. Gordon, author of Gemini Witching: Elements 101. 

I call Central Arkansas home and currently spend my days as an office/billing manager.  When I'm not at work I'm somewhere reading, writing or playing in the social media arena

I’ve had several “careers” over the years until I finally found my niche…so I thought. I’ve played good cop/bad cop assisting with investigations; sat on the Jury selection process for the "White Water" trial; I traveled for several years working for a state agency and often wished to drive the Star Ship Enterprise because I needed to be in many places at once.  My brain never shuts off and I’m always thinking “What if?”  I think all of those collided and suddenly I found myself jotting down a scene on my IPhone during a car trip, just for the heck of it. Next thing I knew I had a chapter. I shared it with my friend Kendra and she said “I think you have something here.” Three months later I was shocked to see I had a book over 100K words.

I said for years “I don’t know what I want to do when I grow up”.  After I realized I had a book it hit me that I know what I want to do now.  I want to play with my imaginary friends full-time!

1. fav movie/actor/actress?  
My Favorite movie(s) come in waves, so they constantly change.  So right now I would say “The Holiday” with Cameron Diaz, Kate Winslet, Jack Black and Jude Law.
Actor:  Morgan Freeman
Actress: Diane Lane 

2. fav song/singer? 
Song:  Too many to list
Singer:  Pink

3. fav place you would love to visit? 

4. one item you cannot live without? 

5. who would you like to meet?(dead or alive) 
Emma Thompson

6. fav hobby? 
Creating something, from writing to graphics, photography and painting

7. guilty pleasure? 
Talking to my BFF every day

8. fav author and/book? 
Author:  Diana Gabaldon & Outlander

9. do you collect anything? 
I’m currently collecting autographed books of authors I meet.  I have several including a few from indie authors that met in Dallas last weekend for IndieVengence day.

10. pet peeve? 

And on Twitter I’m known as @geminiwitching.  I’m also on Goodreads, LinkedIn and Google+.

Samantha Carpenter always considered sleepwalking a harmless condition. Most people wander their own homes or their immediate neighborhood. Sam wasn’t most people. She was found miles away from home at her place of employment behind locked doors bypassing the security system, putting the job she desperately needed at risk.

Emily Hunter was being followed by a dark presence. She could feel it. Fleeing college to escape her stalker, she landed in Salt Lake City where she found a career, love and a degree of freedom. Her ability to sense danger came in handy as a rookie on the SLCPD, but she never anticipated that ability would attract attention.

When a woman claiming to be their aunt brings these two strangers together, her revelations will lead Sam and Emily on a journey of self discovery in a world they never knew existed. They must race to establish their right as witches to be one of the Consul members in the Realm of Lights. Struggling to accept their new reality, the Gemini Witches are thrown in with Wizards and demons as they try to learn how to control the elements. With the Autumn Equinox fast approaching, they must find a way to unite, their untested talents the only defense against the forces that threaten to consume them, but when Sam is kidnapped by unknown forces, can Emily save her in time?

Look me up, pull up a chair and let’s chat.  I love hearing from everyone!

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