December 18, 2013

14 Days of Christmas Hop {WIDE SPACES by Shelly Crane/3 Winners}

Who is excited about Christmas? I know I am!
For this giveaway  I am giving away 3 ebooks of  WIDE SPACES by Shelly Crane.

A novella for Emma and Mason's first Christmas together after Wide Awake.

Emma knows better than most that life can change from one second to the next. Mason knows that guilt can make you change so much, that you don't even recognize yourself in the mirror. When they found each other, they knew that life had given them a second chance.
But can one night, one second, one misunderstanding change everything?

A life together that saved them will become a life they think is lost forever.

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Here is an excerpt from WIDE SPACES....

I looked down at my little Eskimo Emma and couldn't help but smirk at her as she tried to jam the carrot into the snowman's face. He was as tall as I was and she could barely reach.
       "Are you freaking kidding me?" she asked him. I snickered behind her. She turned to glare at me playfully. "You are absolutely no help, Mr. Wright."
       "I like watching you try." I slid my arms around her back.
       "You like watching my backside," she countered with her own smirk.
       "That's what I said."
       She laughed, her arms reaching around my neck. "Oh, my. What am I going to do with you?"
       "There's a list a mile long of things."
       She shook her head. "Tease. Are you going to be this mean when I'm your wife?"
       "Absolutely." She held up the carrot. "What?"
       "Fix him. Poor guy's miserable without all his appendages."
       I grinned and took it, moving to him, and she saw where I was headed. "Mason Wright, don't you dare!"
       "What?" I said innocently and moved toward the snowman's bottom half. "You said he needed all his appendages?"
       She laughed and hit my back. "Don't you dare!"
       At the last second of giving the snowman a heavy dose of pride, I changed course and stuck it in the spot for the nose. "I don't know what you were thinking, but I'm appalled if it was something dirty. It is almost Christmas."
       "You're such a scoundrel," she joked and hopped up on my back.
       "Now you can cross number eighteen off your list—A snowman that resembles Philip Seymour Hoffman. Check."
       She giggled hard. Her teeth chattered against my neck as she hung on. I reached up and touched her cheek. "You're freezing, baby."
       "Yes, I am. It's freaking freezing, Mr. Bigglesworth."
       I laughed as I started back toward the house. "Our movie marathons are doing you some justice."
       "Anyone who can't appreciate a good Austin Powers movie just isn't sane."

Coming Jan 7th, WIDE OPEN. And Shelly being the awesome person she is, has lent me an excerpt to use!

Milo is trouble. 

He lives it, breathes it. He embraces anything that numbs and takes his mind somewhere else, a world where his mother is herself and not just a shell, and his brother didn't almost kill her, severing any relationship they had. But more importantly, Milo drowns out the guilt for leaving his mother and not being able to forgive his brother. He drowns his pride and moves on to another girl and another party, pretending that life isn't moving on around him and he's stuck in the same place. He's stuck in the past and doesn't know how to let go.

Maya is trouble.

She's done the party scene and has had her fair share of close calls and handcuffs. Not the kinky kind. She's so over it all and fought like hell for that life to let go so she could move on. She now works as a teen counselor. Her life is better, but her life is empty. She has no one but her brother in the whole world left and he's sick with a disease that no medicine can cure. 

When they meet, a romance that scares them both emerges, but the love you fight for is the love that can mend bridges, heal scars, and open closed hearts. They'll need each other, they'll want each other, they'll have each other. 

But will it all come too late?

Here is an excerpt from WIDE OPEN....

   I held my breath as I opened the door, and there she was. She was turned with her back to me as she looked out at the room full of people. She was wearing a blue dress, short and sleeveless. She must have been wearing heels the last few times because with her little black flat ballet looking shoes on, she was a lot shorter than usual. And then I scolded myself for missing what those legs looked like with heels on.

       I knew then that the chase was back on. The feeling of being alive - she gave that to me, and there was no way in hell that I was letting that go. Not now when I was on the edge of something epic changing for me.

       I stuffed my hands into my pockets to contain them and tried to look normal, natural, as I made my way to her. Someone was wrapping their coat around themselves as they exited and bumped into me with her elbow.

       "Sorry," we spouted at the same time.

       I knew Maya heard my voice because at the sound of it, her entire body straightened. She turned quickly, her shiny lips parted, her eyes wide and rimmed with sparkly make-up.

       "Milo," she breathed and her little hand made a fist. "Where have you been? I went by your place."

       "I had some things I had to do - back home." I took another step closer, bringing us about five feet apart. "How, uh…how's the truck? Everything running-"

       I barely saw her move as she pushed my stomach, forcing me to retreat against the alcove in the foyer that lead to somewhere I didn't know. I felt her hand on the back of my neck as she pulled me down and her warm breath on my lips before she touched me. It took a second to respond because I was caught so off guard. What the hell was she kissing me for? I had acted like such an ass.

       The suction her mouth made had me swaying as reality crashed back into me. Good night, she was kissing me. And she was being thorough.


  1. Merry Christmas!

  2. Favorite Christmas gift was probably my purple Schwinn bike when I was 10 complete with banana seat. I was in heaven!!
    Merry Christmas :)

  3. Favorite Christmas Gift... My kitten (Now a cat)!!! I named here Annabelle - Anna after my best friend and belle for Christmas!!

  4. I must say it was not the gift I got but the gift I gave. I bought my sister a trip to Scotland (with me, of course) and I don't know who was more excited. Good luck with this book, it looks like a great read.

  5. My favorite was a starter for my car.

  6. From when I was little, a Benji stuffed dog/pj holder. As an adult, probably the Kitchenaid mixer I bought last year. LOL