December 24, 2013

A MOTHER'S JOURNEY by Lisa Brodeur {Giveaway}

A Mother’s Journey
This is the story of an incredible and inspirational journey of a mother dedicated to her three children. She was determined to survive a tragic event through faith, hope, and courage.
The mother was severely injured, and her devoted husband and father of her children was killed instantly. She watched her son fight for every breath he took to survive. Her daughters, only three and five years old, were traumatized. The young girls screamed in pain and wondered where their father and brother were.
The mother buried her husband, stood by strongly as her son had surgery after surgery, and went to court to see that the man who changed their lives forever was served with justice. She tried to stay strong and focused for her children. She wasn’t able to grieve the loss of her husband. She made endless medical decisions and stayed with her son in the hospital for many months. She waited to see progress from her comatose son and saw her little girls only on weekends. The girls trying to adjust emotionally and physically to their new life.
This book will make someone think about his or her choices. Making the wrong choice, like doing drugs or driving intoxicated, can have a lasting impact on your life and the lives of others. Someone else’s choices caused this mother’s family to go on a journey that no one should ever have to endure.

Lisa’s book is an honest and heartfelt journey into the world of a family torn apart. But also a family who has endured through every heart break imaginable, and emerged full of love and hope. When you meet Lisa you instantly get a feel of how incredibly full of faith and love of life she is. There are so many among us who would have been brought to our knees by her experiences, and still she triumphs.
But this is also the story of Kyle. Kyle is an amazing young man who brings joy to everyone he meets. His lesson is one of strength and forgiveness.  You cannot come away from this story untouched. It is my hope that Lisa’s message reaches far and wide. Every choice has a consequence. Every action an impact. And the choices of one always effects another.

Lisa Brodeur was born and raised in Southbridge, Massachusetts, by her parents. She is the youngest of eight children and has two brothers and five sisters. Lisa is currently living in Charlton, Massachusetts, with her significant other, Earl; her son, Kyle and her two daughters, Kimberly and Katie.
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