December 7, 2013

Mini Review: A MERMAID FOR CHRISTMAS by Nichole Chase

Title: A Mermaid for Christmas

Author: Nichole Chase

Source: FREE at B&N

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A short story from NEW YORK TIMES bestselling author Nichole Chase.

What does a mermaid ask Santa for at Christmas? Follow young Meena and her father to find out!
Approximately 3,000 words

(Originally included in the Christmas Lites II Anthology but has been reedited and fleshed out.)

My mini take...
This (very) short story was so absolutely precious. We get to see Mena as a young child on the Islands getting to visit with Santa. After seeing him practically melting in his suit, Mena takes it upon herself to get him a gift. In return, Santa also grants her a special wish. Come see what Mena asks of jolly Saint Nick and fall into this magical story. It will definitely warm your heart in just a few short pages. And best of all it is free!

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