December 9, 2013

WAKE FOR ME by Isobel Irons {Review Opportunity}

WAKE FOR ME by Isobel Irons
December 8, 2013 — WAKE FOR ME, a debut novel of New Adult romantic suspense by Isobel Irons, will be released on December 15th, 2013. A unique “dramedy” vibe reminiscent of Gray’s Anatomy and Inception, WAKE FOR ME will appeal to fans of Cora Carmack and H.M. Ward.

When 19-year-old winery heiress Viola Bellerose crashes her Mercedes into the East River, she falls into a coma. Bummer. Even worse, Viola finds herself torn between two realities—fighting her way through a nightmare landscape one moment, and “waking” to find herself lying trapped inside her own body, yet completely aware of her surroundings. With every day that passes, Viola loses her grasp on reality as her body fades away.

First year medical intern Sam Philips is torn between his tragic past and an uncertain future as a doctor at Our Lady of Mercy hospital in Brooklyn. To make matters worse, he can’t stop thinking about the patient in room 714, the girl he secretly calls Sleeping Beauty. Deep down, he knows Viola is going to wake up. She has to—otherwise Sam will have one more life hanging on his conscience.

As Viola sleeps, she dreams of a tall, brooding doctor who promises to save her. With each day, she falls more and more in love with her fantasy Sam. If only she can wake up for real, they can be together. Unfortunately, someone is plotting to make sure that never happens.

To schedule an interview with Isobel Irons, and/or to obtain a review copy of WAKE FOR ME, please contact Veronica Park at You can also reach the author directly at or contact her using the form on her website at

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