January 29, 2014

Review: SEEKING HER by Cora Carmack


Author: Cora Carmack

Source: bought at AMAZON

A few months after being honorably discharged from the military, Jackson Hunt is still struggling to adjust back to the real world. He needs to get a job and find a sense of normalcy if he’s going to keep his own demons at bay. The job that falls into his lap, though, is anything but normal.

Bodyguard (and baby-sitter) to spoiled-rich-girl Kelsey Summers isn’t exactly what he’d been looking for, but it’s a chance to travel, to get away from the home that has felt stifling ever since his return. It would be a pretty sweet gig if it weren’t for the fact that Kelsey’s father doesn’t want Kelsey to know she’s being followed. Hunt feels guilty (and a little bit creepy) as he watches her from afar. She’s vibrant and infuriating, exciting and reckless, mysterious and familiar. When he sees her falling into the same patterns that he suffered years ago, he decides it’s time to stop watching and help her instead. But getting to know her is more difficult than he thought, especially because the more he knows her, the more he wants her.

My take...
*Please do not read my review if you have yet to read FINDING IT. It very well may contain some spoilers!*
We all met Hunt in FINDING IT while he was sent to watch over Kelsey. But now we get to know him before that. Well, slightly before that. As he is following Kelsey around overseas, we get to know him a little better than we did at first. The pains of trying to make it drink-free for a year, the pains of losing close friends, and the pains of watching over a spoiled little rich girl whose vaca is banked by daddy. But what he didn’t expect was to start having feelings for said girl. Little by little, bar by bar, he is learning that there is more to Kelsey than meets the eye. And soon he cannot hold back his feelings any more.

Oh how I adore Carmack for bringing Hunt into our lives. I love him so very much and was so happy to dive into his mind and see what moved him. I was very happy with this quick read and who Hunt is. One slight problem I had was he didn’t seem as tormented about taking that drink from Kelsey as I would have wanted him to be to make it more believable. But I still loved that Carmack went back and let us in on him from the start so we can know him a little more.

Pick up this fantastic quick read today! You will be glad you did. But please read FINDING IT FIRST.  

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