March 20, 2014

FORCED AUTONOMY by Lila Felix {Review/Giveaway}

Title: Forced Autonomy, Phase 3 

Author: Lila Felix

Source: eARC from author for review



The United States has collapsed. Those citizens who are left are in one of two classes. One: Citizens who have undergone forced lobotomies, as mandated by the United Nations. Two: Those who fight against their tyranny.

Petra Kingsley falls under both classes. She falls in line with the drones, pretending her procedure worked. She’s existed among their ranks, hiding in plain sight, being worked to the bone and starved almost to death.

Lawson is a bounty hunter of sorts. His target isn’t the guilty, it’s those who are lost in the folds of a broken society.

When he spots Petra working in the masses, he stops at nothing to help her escape.

But he has no idea who exactly he’s helping—and who will now be hunting them both?

My take...
Before Lawson and Petra can decide if she must go back to camp or continue on with him, a few hiccups stand in their way. Well, if you can call rat bites and menacing men hiccups. More like life threatening burps if you ask me.
The craving for his touch in particular had grown in his absence. He was so much more than just another human—he was the human that belonged to my human.

I knew it, I knew it, I knew it! I mentioned way back when in my first review of Phase 1 that it didn't have a lot of romance in it, but that I knew it was coming. And thank the Felix Heavens!! She provided me, er, I mean us with some juicy romance that came at its most perfect time. The romance doesn't saturate the story down, it is just enough that had me sighing and swooning. I mean, come on! This is Lawson. Yummy, rugged Lawson.

“Can we just leave it at that? I like you. I want to make sure you’re safe if I’m able to. I don’t want to define anything. Any one of us could be dead and gone tomorrow.”
Ouch—that stung.
“Sure. No sweat.”
He doesn’t want to define anything. That’s fine. I’ll be the effing queen bee of non-definitions.

I love the internal debates that Petra has with herself throughout this Phase. Oh yes, this girl is something else. Absolutely spunky. She torments herself wondering and watching if Lawson feels the same. She reads between lines trying to decide what he really meant. He says one thing but she is not sure if he means it or not. And in the end, she takes it upon herself to find out for sure. Such a defining moment for her and Lawson.

And as for the story itself? Yeah, my most favorite so far in the series. It had me sitting on the edge of my seat. Literally. I may have even paced a few times while steadily reading. I don't suggest that. But I hungrily devoured this story and loved every minute of it. It gets me excited for what is happening in the here and now and for what’s to come. It is fictional goodness wrapped up in a sweet little read.

Because breathing and Lawson were all I had left in this life—even ice picks and the United Nations couldn’t keep me away from them.
Returning to my lips for one more round, I could feel his mouth turn upwards in a smile. Could I count that as another apocalypse learned skill? Kissing well?
I’m so counting it.

With the future looking ever so uncertain and a new threat moving in, Lawson and Petra try to work through this messed up world they find themselves in to find hope and survival. Time will only tell if they succeed. Time that neither is sure of. 5 Gripping Stars!


  1. I was going to say some sort of weapon, but then I just felt barbaric. I think a really important item would be a water filter. Like the water bottles that will filter the water.