March 14, 2014

Review: ALLEGIANCE by K.A. Tucker


Author: KA Tucker

Source: ebook from author for review

Evangeline finally got what she longed for – the cursed pendant off her neck and Caden in her arms - only it has come at a steep price. An unknown poison now courses through her body, slowly morphing her into something no one but the Fates can foresee. She has her suspicions though...and, if she is right, it will spell certain ruin for her and Caden. She won’t last long enough to realize that though, if Viggo and Mortimer uncover the treasonous secrets she keeps from them– that Veronique is now free of her entombment and in the torturous clutches of the Witches and the Sentinel or that she is protecting a Sentinel within their very midst.
Always the naive human caught in the midst of the vampires’ web of deceit, Evangeline is now weaving her own dangerous web in order to keep her friend alive, rescue Veronique, and stop a seemingly inevitable war from starting. But can her honourable nature handle the depths of duplicity for which she must go to be in league with the Vampires?
Dark and gripping, full of angst-riddled scenes, Allegiance will have readers anxiously turning pages to find out if Evangeline can survive this spiraling disaster.

My take...
When we last seen Evangeline all hell had broken loose and now she has a toxic poison flowing through her blood. A poison that at any minute, could possibly kill anyone she touches. Not only that, but she is withholding several secrets from everyone and trying to prepare for a war as which this world has never seen. Kind of puts a damper on the whole "being in love" thing.

It felt good stepping back into this world after quite a while away from it. I forgot how enticing it was and how it just sucks you in. It seems that no matter where Evangeline goes, trouble is sure to follow. The girl gets holed up in some of the most far off places and she still manages to bring about drama and problems...for everyone. But it wouldn't be a story if there wasn't drama, right?

One of the things I was most looking forward to was Caden. I remembered I loved him throughout the first two. But I am going to admit something. Something horrifyingly shocking. I was a little peeved at him. Gasp! I know! But through the whole first half the boy ticked me off. He knows that his time with Evangeline is limited, yet he still manages to avoid her. It broke my heart. And when a certain twist happens half way through, all of a sudden he wants her again. I do not like this about him. Not one bit. It just didn't sit well with me.

I felt really bad for Evangeline. She has no idea what to expect from her life now that she could be turned into a hideous killing machine. No one does. But, to me, she is taking it rather well. With all the secrets she is keeping and the tension that is mounting daily, I would have cracked a long time ago. But not Evangeline, she keeps on trucking along.

Brilliant and engaging storyline, this book kept me wondering if Evangeline would make it out of this hell she is forced to live in and had me sitting on the edge of my seat throughout a majority of it. I definitely recommend it and looking forward to ANOMALY, which I started immediately after this one.

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