April 16, 2014

Review: THROUGH GLASS, Episode 1 by Rebecca Ethington

Title: THROUGH GLASS, episode one

Author: Rebecca Ethington

Source: ebook from Amazon

or you can get episode one with 2 other serial novellas ( FORCED AUTOMY, phase 1 by Lila Felix and LOVE AND DECAY, season 1/episode 1 by Rachel Higginson) for only 99cents HERE

***Book One of the Through Glass Novella Series***

No one expects the world to end, for life to change, and for the sunny life you live to turn into a horrifying disaster.
I didn’t.
But there were signs.
Signs of what was coming.
Signs of what was going to happen to us.
But no one saw.
No one was paying attention.
Not until it was too late.
Too late for morning sunrises. Too late for family dinners.
Too late to stop the monsters from destroying our world.
This is the story about the ebony blackness became all we knew.
This is the story about what happened before.

***This Novella is a portion of the full Through Glass Volume as released in September 2013 – For more information about the switch to a Novella Series please visit http://bit.ly/1eGGjns - the next installment in the story of Through Glass will be released in January 2014***

It is a Clean New-Adult Paranormal, Dystopian, Romance with Creepy and Un-Dead Themes.
Language: Low to None
Violence: Moderate
Sexual Content: Low to None

My take...
In less than an hour, the world had fallen apart. I didn't want to think about what they were doing, or who they had killed. I wouldn't think about why they had spared me. I didn't want to think about being left.
About being alone.

With less than a month of school left before Alexis graduates, her life is changed forever. Her long time crush/best friend is finally starting to show interest in her. Who knew that the day he confesses his feelings for her the world would all but end and hell would take over?

Give me a minute to dislodge my hammering, stammering heart from my throat. In a matter of minutes I was jolted from a lovey dovey scene into a hot mess of emotions that nearly had me peeing myself. True story. I don't think I have ever been thrown into such a disarray of feelings that quickly before with just a few words. But low and behold, I was and I stayed that way the remainder of the book. And as soon as I finished I had to take a few minutes to compose myself and think about all that happened. What does this mean for Alexis and Cohen? What the heck does this mean for me? Do I want to put myself through this hell the author has now sent the world into? Of course I do. So I went and bought every single volume that is currently out. I ain't stupid. I know great story telling when I see it. And I likes what I sees.

Even if I could move, even if I could get away, I had nowhere that I could go that the thing would not find me.

I fell for these characters after only just meeting them briefly and knew it was character love at first sight. And then the emotional build up in just a few pages had me instantly hooked to their story. Followed by amazing writing by an author that knows how to draw you in with her words and wake up your imagination....that's what you call a 'Win/Win/Win Situation'. That's what you call one hell of an opening book that is sure to be a phenomenal serial series.

A definite must read for anyone needing their senses jarred and awakened. It is a quick read that will have you immediately seeking out the next one of the series. 5 Creepy and Slightly Romantic stars.

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