May 28, 2014

INK SLAPPED by A.M. Jones Book Blitz {Excerpt}

Ink Slapped by A.m. Jones
Expected Publication Date: May 31, 2014
Genre: Adult Contemporary

The heart wants what
the heart wants—a concept that free-spirited author T.M. Dabney, never
understood until she laid eyes on her new cover model, Eli.

Gregor, a struggling musician and mechanic, thinks he knows the true
meaning of heartbreak—that is until he accepts a business venture with the alluring Taylor Dabney. With her help, he pieces his life back
together when his dreams dangle within reach and once again everything falls apart. And his success comes with a price he doesn’t want to pay.

between better judgment and desire, they find themselves at a crossroads—should they make the best decision for their careers or give in to their undeniable connection?

A torrid tale that weaves humor, drama, and sexual tension, Ink Slapped will leave you reeling and wanting more.

She smiles as I shut the door, but it’s not a happy smile. My mood evaporates. “Why?” Grabbing my hand, she glares at the ring.

“Who told you?”

Throwing her fists on her hips, she spits, “Savannah!” Note to self: Kill Savannah. Who am I kidding? I don’t have the guts. New note to self: Kill Savannah, slow and torturous, in my next
novel. “Now answer my question. Why?”

I move through her country style foyer and into the kitchen with the old wood floor squeaking the whole way.
“We’ve been together five years. It’s the next step.”

“You know how I feel about this, Taylor. You don’t even live with him.” My lips pinch, and I’m pretty sure she’s
about to let me have it. “Oh!” Wrist bangles clang together as she throws her arms in the air.
Pushing past me, mom takes a casserole dish out of the oven and slams it on the stove. The metallic clang
echoes through the kitchen. “I thought you listened to
me… you know men are only good for one thing, and most aren’t even good at that. Just screw them a few times a week and send their asses home.”

Author A.M. Jones is a hopeless romantic with a lewd mind. She resides in Tennessee and writes about anything that strikes her inspiration and creativity. Her strength in characterization makes realistic elements of humor, angst, and drama jump from the page and into your soul. Ms. Jones’ other half has published books in dark fantasy and continues to do so.

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