June 1, 2014

Review: ALTERED by Shelly Crane


Author: Shelly Crane

Source: eARC from author


Enoch is tested.

His brother is human, the thing he hates. He watches as the brother he knew is stripped away by his love for Clara. He's never hated someone as much as he hated her...but the bond forced him to not only want to protect her, but feel things he never had before.

When a girl needs his help, that split second decision changes his whole world in one instant.

A Devourer's Fate...

My take...
Fay is recently discharged from the military and now off in search of her sister, Clara. But when things start going increasingly wrong her first night on the road, she imagines the worst. This may be it for her. She may never see her sister again and be able to right her wrongs. But Enoch wobbles in and saves the day and vows to help her find her sister. During the road trip Fay is introduced to a whole new world while Enoch tries unsuccessfully to prove he is a bad guy and Fay should stay far, far away. It seems Enoch may have finally found his match.

I love me a good Shelly Crane book. But I love me a fabulous Shelly Crane book even more. But really...all her books are fabulous. And Enoch just moved up high on my book boyfriend list. He has taken a seat up there and is in good company with quite a few other Crane Men. How does she do it? She makes them absolutely irresistible. Delicious even.

It has been some time since I read CONSUME where we last saw everyone. And I honestly cannot for the life of me remember what I thought about Enoch. And that is probably a good thing. If I hated him, I like not knowing. Because it was like I was able to start anew in ALTERED with him. I liked the side we get to see of him in this one. He is charming and real and absolutely stole the spotlight out from under Eli in DEVOUR and CONSUME. Yep, I said it. Sorry Eli!

“Fay,” he begged. “I’m trying to be the good guy.”
“You’re trying to be the villain,” I said harder. “You’re trying to show me that you’re not a good guy and never will be. But that’s not true. A good guy saved me that day, twice, a good guy brought me here and took care of me ever since. A good guy didn’t try to kiss me or take advantage of all the alone time we had in those hotels and on the road and when we got here. A good guy took all the hits that people threw at him and let it roll off his back to save me.” I moved the last inch, wrapping my arm around his neck, and let everything I felt come to the surface. All the hours of tension and want.
I knew when he registered it by the breath he sucked in. His tongue tasted his lower lip, but he didn’t look happy about it.

Enoch absolutely stole my heart and devoured it (pun absolutely intended). He is changing and as much as he doesn't like it at first, it is happening. And things really change for him when he happens upon Fay. This human girl frustrates him to no end. But there is also something about her that draws him in. He would love to be able to just walk away from her, but he can't. The Horde is after her for some reason and he wants to find out why.

It was the first time I could remember ever wanting to be something else. I would have given anything to be good in that moment, to be someone worthy of her. I let myself have this small piece of time that would flit away into the nothingness when we reached her sister and Clara told her who I really was. Once she heard it from her sister’s mouth, she wouldn’t deny it any longer. She’d hate me then as Clara does. But for this moment, I just wanted to pretend that I could be what she needed. I took her face in my hands, knowing they were too rough against her soft skin.

ALTERED is a fabulous read and I found once it came to an end, I was so very sad. I would love to read a hundred more books about Enoch, Fay, Clara, Eli and their world! But as they say...all good things must come to an end. 5 Swoon Worthy Romantic Stars!

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