July 19, 2014

Early ARC Review: HEARTEN by Lila Felix


Author: Lila Felix

Source: eARC from author for review



Determined to be the best Beta he can, Rev has made sure to keep his distance from Martha, the female he knows to be his mate. He’s not sure he even knows how to be a decent mate to her.
All that changes when the Alpha and the Coeur conspire to make sure that Martha and Rev both face what they’ve known to be true for so long.
One look is all it takes, but there is so much more to being a mated couple than facing the claim.
Martha is not ready to give up anything in her life, not even to make room for him.
Rev is ready, but only as long as his female bends her life to fit into his.

Pushing and pulling, each one will have to decide which is more important—the life they’ve built, or the one they could have together.

My take...

There’s no desire greater in me than to have you be content. Your needs before mine. Your heart with mine. Your happiness above mine. Your life tied to mine for all eternity. The creed is as old as our clan.

From the moment that Martha was a wee little cub, it was instilled in her that the mate claim was a beautiful moment. A time of love and devotion. It was a moment that time stood still and everyone and everything fell away except you and your mate. But that isn't what she got. Her mate claim brought about doubts and fears. Even though Rev is everything she could ever want in a mate...their differences may very well break their bond. Will she be able to open up to him and let him in? Did the Creator have any idea what He was thinking when he paired these two souls together?

“Don’t ever be scared of me. They look at me like I’m a rogue bear who has been in the wild too long. I can take it from anyone but you.”
“You don’t even know me,” I shrunk back, my human side boring down on my bear, forcing her to be quiet for once.
“It doesn’t matter. I have a lifetime to get to know you. What matters is—you’re my mate—made by the Creator just for me. All the rest is just details.”

I love this world, I love this world, I abso-frickin-lutely love this world. Probably one of my most favorites by Felix, I was so stinkin’ excited to be back with all the characters I came to know and love in BURDEN. In HEARTEN we move on to Rev and Martha's story. Unlike Echo who never knew what a mate claim was and had to find out the hard way, Martha was all too prepared. Did that make it any easier for her? Absolutely not. Martha fought internally with her bear and her human side. This just wasn't something she'd be able to accept at face value. And this fight she endured made the story. We get to watch her work through her thoughts and emotions and see if this is something that she will be able to accept before it became too late and she loses Rev forever. It tore at me throughout the book.

Lowering my face at the same time I tipped her chin upward, I asked her with a whisper. “Say you’re mine.”
Her throat worked like it was manufacturing the words. “Rev, I’m yours.”

Throughout the entire story her fans will become acquainted with the romance we all know Felix has in her to write, but with an extra kick! Oh yes...Felix gets a little more saucier in this one. Her bears are frisker than ever and yet Felix still maintains that well written clean romance we all know and love. When ever asked if I can recommend a book that is real and full of romance...Felix is the first name off my lips and I never hesitate for even a second.

HEARTEN has a superb storyline that calls to its readers...a more intense side of the characters we met in the beginning...and a romance that will make any reader weak in the knees. This book is fabulous and I cannot wait for more. 5 Hurry and Give Me More Stars!

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