July 22, 2014

Sign Up: HEIR OF SECRETS by Rachel Higginson Blog Tour Aug 11-16th

I am helping Rachel Higginson with a blog tour for her Starbright series and book 3 of the series, HEIR OF SECRETS. This tour will take place August 11th through the 16th. I know this is short notice but would love to have you involved. Especially if you have read the other 2 books of the series. 

The countdown to Stella Day’s eighteenth birthday has begun with only a year left to go. 

When Stella turns eighteen she will take over as the Earth’s protector. She will come into the fullness of her powers. And her counterpart will be released from his soul-losing contract. 

Only three hundred and sixty five days to go. Only fifty-two weeks. Twelve months… But a lot can happen in that length of time. 

As Stella trains for that day, the Darkness closes in around her. Seth sold his soul so that she would be safe until her eighteenth birthday but someone is still trying to kill her. And Seven, Seth’s deranged and evil sister, won’t leave her alone. There are more problems with the Council that’s supposed to be protecting her. And when Jupiter suddenly disappears things go from bad to worse. 

It might be easier to solve all her problems if Jude Michaels wasn’t bothering her every second of every day. And if she didn’t miss Seth with such a consuming, paralyzing ache.

When her friends are threatened and her Midwest life exposed, she has to fight through every distraction that plagues her and find the real threat in a sea of enemies that want her dead. Aliah has never been more evil. Seven never crazier. Tristan and Piper are constantly threatened and in danger. 

But it’s Seth she fights for the hardest. As he teeters on the precipice of Darkness and Light, can she salvage the soul of a boy who has given it up for her?


As always, if you have any questions or comments please email me at mandyireadindie@gmail.com 

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