August 29, 2014

Interview with Author Anna Jones Buttimore #Free Book

What would I be doing now? I have day job working for a charity, so probably that, plus doing lots of cross-stitch to fill the time.

Five years ago - Pretty much this! Writing, working, raising kids.

Writing ritual - I write in odd places, a lot of the time, generally on my laptop as I wait for children. Apart from that, it's just abou trying to avoid distractions and get down to work.

Tough criticism - I co-authored a controversial book about the misunderstandings between Mormoms and mainstream Christians. A Mormon reviewer told me she didn't like the book because it was too favourable to the evangelicals. An evangelical left a scathing one-star review because she felt it was too favourable Mormons. I suppose that's proof that we were fair and balanced in our treatment of both traditions, but that review was pretty offensively worded.

Fan girl - Soon after my first (trad) novel was published I read another book published by the same publishers, and loved it so much air asked my editor to put me in touch with the author, Kerry Blair. She turned out to be a warm and wonderful person too, and really nurtured me during the early days.

Author I'd like to meet - Kerry Blair. Again. I have met her before, but it's been too long. She lives 5,000 miles away so it's tricky.

Biggest pet peeve - I sound such a snob, but I hate it that people who can't write are writing. People whose Facebook posts on writing pages are all in lower case, or with apostrophes in plurals, and terrible spelling. I'm not saying that these people don't have wonderful vision, imagination and storytelling ability. I just wish they'd get an editor. (Brief plug - I do editing -

Do you read reviews - ALWAYS. I need to know what I got right, and what I did wrong. How else will I improve?

Fun five:

Fav Color- Yellow

Fictional Character you'd like to spend the day with?- Harry Potter

Fav Food- Curry, cake, chocolate or cinnabons (any food beginning with C)

Fav Song - currently "The Pride" by Five Finger Death Punch, but it varies. Queen are my all-time favourite band.

Guilty pleasure - watching America's Next Top Model.

Emon Shipwright is an ordinary young man with a few of the regular problems—dyslexia, annoying siblings—and some more unusual ones, such as crackling fingers and a propensity for blowing up kitchen appliances.

At 18 he is whisked away to a Canadian research centre by an eccentric doctor where he learns that he has been genetically engineered and, along with others like him, is to develop his unusual gifts so that he can serve as a soldier in the mysterious and idyllic Empire.

Once there, however, Emon accidentally kills the Emperor and must flee for his life, pursued by his former fellow soldiers. As he and his best friend Titan and authoritarian commander Emara seek the mysterious “others”, Emon begins to uncover the truth about the Empire, himself, and his companions.

AMAZON  <--- font="" nbsp="" preorder="">

• A man can predict his wife's future from the football results
• Zombies visit their employer to discuss their working conditions
• An atheist is on the run in a world where everyone is religious
• Prince Charming’s footman really doesn’t want him to marry
• Dr. Carlisle Cullen asks a nurse to care for Esme Evenson

This varied collection of short stories, poems, excerpts and fan fiction by Anna Jones Buttimore is ideal for dipping into whenever you have a spare five minutes.


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