August 27, 2014

One Favorite Moment Tour: TEN TINY BREATHS by K.A. Tucker {Giveaway}

Here I am staring at my computer. I am supposed to pick one favorite moment from TEN TINY BREATHS. This is hard. Like extremely hard. That book about ruined me. (In the very best way of course). 

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But my heart and emotions were all over the place. How can I squeeze my thoughts down to one favorite moment? The truth is I can't.

However, I do believe that some of my most favorite parts, the ones that had me laughing and crying all at once, were when Kacey meets Dr. Stayner and the most awesome of all awesome relationships formed. 

It is during this time that Kacey's emotions and feelings are let free. She dives down deep into herself and gets to the root of her pain. This time- and the way these two interacted- brought such a unique balance to the story. You are hurting right along with Kacey as she is going through such emotional turmoil. But to have this amazing Dr. step forward and bring humor to healing…well I was just floored with it all. To me, his scenes with Kacey were by far some of the best I have read…in any book.

To say that Dr Stayner is unconventional is an understatement. This guy. Wow. If I ever need mental help, he is the one I want called in. Not only does Kacey punch him…but she punches him twice. Let me see you do that while in the hospital and see if you can get away with it. 

Just breathe, Kacey. Ten tiny breaths. Seize them. Feel them. Love them.

Four years ago Kacey Cleary’s life imploded when her car was hit by a drunk driver, killing her parents, boyfriend and best friend. Still haunted by memories of being trapped inside, holding her boyfriend’s lifeless hand and listening to her mother take her last breath, Kacey wants to leave her past behind. Armed with two bus tickets, twenty year old Kacey and her fifteen year old sister Livie escape Grand Rapids, Michigan to start over in Miami. Struggling to make ends meet, Kacey needs to figure out how to get by. But Kacey’s not worried. She can handle anything—anything but her mysterious neighbor in apartment 1D.

Trent Emerson has smoldering blue eyes, deep dimples, and perfectly skates that irresistible line between nice guy and bad boy. Hardened by her tragic past, Kacey is determined to keep everyone at a distance, but their mutual attraction is undeniable and Trent is determined to find a way into Kacey’s guarded heart—even if it means that an explosive secret could shatter both their worlds.

***Caution: Mature content! Not suitable for younger readers. Contains reference to drugs, swearing, and sexual content ***

Born in small-town Ontario, Kathleen published her first book at the age of six with the help of her elementary school librarian and a box of crayons. She is a voracious reader and the farthest thing from a genre-snob, loving everything from High Fantasy to Chick Lit. Kathleen currently resides in a quaint small town outside of Toronto with her husband, two beautiful girls, and an exhausting brood of four-legged creatures.

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IN HER WAKE is the prequel to TEN TINY BREATHS...
Author’s Note: Although it is a prequel, In Her Wake is best read after completing Ten Tiny Breaths.

Before you knew him as Trent in Ten Tiny Breaths, he was Cole Reynolds—and he had it all. Until one night when he makes a fatal, wrong decision…and loses everything.

When a drunken night out at a Michigan State college party results in the death of six people, Cole must come to terms with his part in the tragedy. Normally, he’d be able to lean on his best friends—the ones who have been in his life since he could barely walk. Only, they’re gone. Worse, there’s the shattered body of a sixteen-year-old girl lying somewhere in a hospital bed, her entire life ripped from her because of a case of beer and a set of keys.

Everyone assures him that they know it wasn’t intentional, and yet he can’t ignore the weight of their gazes, the whispers behind his back. Nor can he shake the all-consuming guilt he feels every time he thinks of that girl who won’t so much as allow him near her hospital room to apologize. As the months go by and the shame and loneliness festers, Cole begins to lose his grip on what once was important—college, his girlfriend, his future. His life. It’s not until Cole hits rock-bottom that he can begin to see another way out of his personal hell: forgiveness.

And there’s only one person who can give that to him…

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  1. My favorite moment would definitely be when she thought she saw a snake and Trent happened to be there and he saved her

  2. I don't have a favorite yet.