September 21, 2014

eARC Review: HIS FROZEN HEART by Nancy Straight

Title: His Frozen Heart

Author: Nancy Straight

Source: eARC from author

Est Release Date: November 9th


For best friends, Candy and Libby, money is tight with hardly enough to cover their living expenses. When they are desperate for grocery money, the girls bet on their pool playing skills to add to their income.

A simple wager on a quiet winter evening has devastating results, with a stalker determined to kill them both. With Libby in the hospital after a vicious attack, and Candy being pursued by the same stalker, she vows to find Libby's attacker.

What she finds is Dave, an old friend with a secret past filled with misfortune. Will Dave’s past provide the answer to all of Candy’s problems or will it become Candy’s worst nightmare realized?

My take...

When a not so friendly wager goes painstakingly wrong, Candy and Libby must face the dire consequences. While Libby fights for her life in a hospital room, Candy is off to find out who is behind the attack of her best friend. What she finds changes her life forever. Will she be able to save her friend and herself from a most horrible fate? Or will her past show up and prove to be her worst enemy?

I must admit I am not used to reading a book by Straight that isn’t para/supernatural of some sort. But her debut contemporary romance was a home run for me. I really enjoyed it and love the suspense it held. Another book I could play detective. I look forward to seeing If this is something she will continue to explore.

I adored these characters. It was fun getting to know them before all hell broke loose and during the thick of it. Now all the hell Candy goes through wasn’t fun, but the story had its moments. Not all was doom and gloom. We get a couple great back stories and it just helped the story excel to the end and had me loving it that much more.

I was a bit enamored with the romance that showed itself at all the right times. It wasn’t something that was heavily coated throughout the book and that made it perfect. You don’t want a romance that will over power the suspense or the storyline. But in true Straight fashion, we received a book that was perfectly thought out and written.

Another favorite read from a favorite author of mine. I give it 5 Amazing Stars!


  1. Great review! I loved it too. Such a great story, especially Dave's back story. It made me sad, but drew me closer into him all at the same time.

  2. Great review. I have recently read Blood Debt and loved it. Since blogging, I have come to read a lot of genres I never used to because I don't want to miss that hidden gem. Romance is one of those genres. I have to be in the mood, but often find myself surprised in a very good way. Thanks for sharing.

    sherry @ fundinmental