September 6, 2014

FAT CHANCES & REMEMBERING ZANE by J.S. Wilsoncroft 99cent #Sale

J.S. Wilsoncroft has 2 books on sale right now for 99cents. Now is the time to get these amazing books. 

Annie Powers is eighteen and overweight. When her twin sister, Molly talks her into going to a Zumba class, all Annie expected was a lot of sweat and sore muscles. But when she laid eyes on the very handsome and muscular Zumba instructor, Cory Shields, not only did he leave her gasping for breath from the exercises, but also from their kiss.

Dazed and confused, Annie struggles to understand why someone like Cory would be attracted to her. At the same time, Cory tries to make her understand that she is just as beautiful on the outside as she is on the inside.

Annie knows she needs to learn to love herself before she can let Cory into her life. But can she?

"Fat Chances” will warm your heart and reminds us all that it’s what’s in the heart, not in the body, that counts.

Cory came walking into the room, clapping his hands, just as everyone hurried to find their spots. “Are we ladies ready to make some sweat? He chimed then turned around and popped a CD into the stereo. A few of the ladies giggled, Molly included. I just rolled my eyes. He started off slow with a few warm up, stretching our arms and legs then touching our toes…which was physically impossible for me. Why did I agree to come here? Oh, to embarrass the hell out of myself…yeah, now I remember.
Then the real music started. It was a combination of Congo and hip hop music blasting from every corner of the room. “All right ladies, lets shake them hips. Show me watcha got!!” He cheered, waving his arms up and down. Soon the whole group was in unison, moving and swaying to the music, everyone but me. I felt bad for Molly and other lady standing beside me as I kept bumping into them and stepping on their toes. Apparently I wasn’t aware of how wide my girth really was.


“Maybe I shouldn’t have pushed you too hard tonight.” He apologized. I sucked in a sharp breath. “What? No! This isn’t your fault that I’m not in good physical shape to handle a little Zumba. In case you haven’t notice….I’m fat. Fat girls tend to get out of breath easier than skinny girls.” I admitted, sheepishly. Why the hell did I just say that? I could feel my cheeks flushing from embarrassment.

At ten years old, Bonnie Reese knew the minute she laid eyes on Zane Withers that he would forever have a place in her heart. After years of dating, then finally going their separate ways, Bonnie always dreamed that eventually they would find their way back back to each other. But those dreams were shattered, along with her heart, when she received the devastating news that her beloved Zane had been killed. As she faced her worst nightmare of going to his funeral, Bonnie runs into Zane's best friend, Jonathan Wood. Little did she know, Jonathan had deep feelings for her since the seventh grade. Now that his best friend is gone, will Jonathan have the courage to tell her that he's loved her since high school? Or will he keep his secret to himself forever? Will Bonnie let go and let love find her again?

“The ambulance crew said he was still alive when they got there.”
She bit her bottom lip to keep from shrieking as she continued to listen to Jonathan. Then he turned around to stare out at the road in front of the funeral home. Bonnie could see the pain in his face and that he was hurting. He was having a hard time talking about it.
“What? What else happened?” Her voice quivered as she stood up from the chair and walked over to him. He sucked in a deep breath and grabbed ahold of the railing.
“The ambulance crew said he was talking and asking for his wife.” He continued. A small tear trickled down his cheek. Seeing Jonathan cry made her heart ache. She had never seen him cry before. She reached over and wrapped her arm around his shoulder, comforting him.
“That’s understandable.” She said soothingly. Jonathan turned around to face her and shook his head. “No, you don’t understand. He wasn’t asking for Leanne…he was asking for you. He kept repeating your name over and over again…Bonnie.” Her breath and heart stopped at the same time, as she tried to grasp what he had just said.
“Whaaa….what?” She stumbled backward and fell into the chair, sobbing uncontrollably.
“Oh Bonnie, I’m so sorry. I knew I shouldn’t have told you.” He cried, pounding his fists on the side of his head.


Her beauty took his breath away as he watched her walk down the aisle. Never in a million years did he ever think that he would get to marry the girl of his dreams. Although he wished Zane were here to celebrate with him, he couldn’t help but wonder if he would be standing here if Zane were still alive today. He highly doubted it. It took the death of his best friend for the love of his life to come true. That saddened him and made him happy at the same time.

Writing has become an addiction to me...along with chocolate, wine and food. Thank God they are legal. hehehehe

I have four romance books available nationwide, two which are best sellers, Remembering Zane and Fat Chances, The Unfaithful Widow and My Haunting Love. Coming in 2014 is my three book series, Roller Coaster Love. I also self-published a few ebooks, Toothless, Like Father Like Daughter and Scratch-n-Sniff.

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