November 28, 2014

5 Star Review: FOREVER KANSAS by Julie Cassar


Author: Julie Cassar

Source: eARC from author 


“She will be the death of me one day. I swear, she will.”

In this companion novel to the best selling Ruby Blue Series, Brennan Kaelin, Fairy Prince and Heir to the throne of the Earthen Royal Court in Fey, reveals his inner most desires and struggles. In a world where the four Royal Courts and three Realms collide, an even deeper connection is unearthed as more secrets of Fey are exposed. Relive Ruby’s adventures through Brennan’s eyes as he searches to discover the mysteries shrouding the prophesy of the One with The Elements.

*Author’s note: This novel is meant to be read after “Forever Blue” (Book 4 of the Ruby Blue Series). It discloses additional information to Ruby and Brennan’s story, however, some key plot points of Ruby's story are intentionally left out.

My take...

In this moment, everything became crystal clear. She was it. I suddenly and passionately knew, with all my being and all of my spirit. Oona said as much…Gra` mo chroi go deo. Ruby was it. The love of my heart forever. My Kansas.

Ever read a story and when all was said and done you thought..."Hey, that author really should write a book in so-and-so's POV”? Yeah. That is exactly what I thought when I read the whole series of Ruby Blue. And I am beyond thankful that Cassar took up that task and gave me what I wanted. Er, I mean us readers what we wanted. So what we get is a whole book in nothing but Brennan’s brain. Lord help us all!!!

If you haven’t read the whole series yet, I suggest you do. Although Cassar does a fantastic job at helping us remember key parts from the series, it is still a good idea to read the series’ first so you are well reminded. And trust me, you'll want to read it. Such a fabulous series.

Also, I should put this out there. I have read a couple books where an author went back and did the same story in a different POV, and the story either fell flat for me or felt choppy. But not so with FOREVER KANSAS. Oh no. It was right on point and I was loving each and every word.

I would be so excited to see more come of this series and these characters. So if Cassar has more up her sleeve, I will be waiting and ready for it. 5 Stars All The Way!!

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